Winning In Chess Is Not Winning Pieces!!

Winning In Chess Is Not Winning Pieces!!

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  1. Pawn to g4. It took me 5 minutes to realize that the h4 square was protected by the bishop.😂
    Edit: Y'all gotta understand why it took me 5 minutes. On the third move, the bishop on f6 is protecting the h4 square so that the g4 pawn can checkmate the king on h5, stop saying that the pawn is protecting the h4 square, and not the bishop because if it checks the king, the king can go on h4, because the pawn no longer defends the square. That's why it is protected by the bishop.

  2. Not really realistic you know.. the whites e pawn still on 2nd rank

  3. The question is if my opponent is as stupid as me

  4. I saw a similiar puzzle on the channel- Thinkspire

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