Winning In Chess Is Not Winning Pieces!!

Winning In Chess Is Not Winning Pieces!!

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  1. dude i paused it in a milisecond and found it

  2. It's quite simple when you remember that h4 is covered by the bishop, the move is pawn to g4 if you couldn't figure it out.

  3. Pawn g4 but fact he got checkmated by pawn

  4. "Do you see it?"
    e4+… Kg5, bf6+… Kh5, g4#

  5. He's the teacher that gives easy homework

  6. i had a chess lesson yesterday and i solved it

  7. G4# is a beautiful checkmate

  8. “I hide on h7” bro you ain’t the fucking computer…

  9. It took me 10 seconds to realise that the H4 square was protected by the bishop

  10. Only check g4

    Edit: C'mon it's the only possible check and he said which move is checkmate. If it's the only check in the position then it must be the mate in one

  11. nah my friend is stupider in chess so he would never notice this

  12. Push the g pawn 🤍♟️
    Winning move

  13. White Pawn G4, And Black King Can't go anywhere, To H4? checkmate by bishop. To G5? Same, By Bishop. To G6? Checkmated By White King

  14. What abt g4 kg6 xh5 kh7 ba1?

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