World #1 v World #2! Old Rivals Magnus & Fabiano Clash! Freestyle GOAT Challenge 2024 Final Game 1

The $200,000 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge is an over-the-board Chess960 tournament featuring Carlsen, Ding, Firouzja, Caruana, Gukesh, Aronian, Abdusattorov & Keymer. It starts with a rapid event to decide pairings for the classical knockout tournament, with all games played at the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort in Germany. Watch:

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  1. Firouzja has looked pretty deadly at 960, but I guess he was unfortunate to play Carlsen in the first round. I wonder if he would have made the final if he were on the other side of the draw.

  2. The game of Alireza vs gukesh was not discussed .Non Professional reporters

  3. firouzja needs to do some sport. his pulse is way too high. this is exhausing.

  4. Probably if I played Random myself I would appreciate it more it does seem fun in a way pieces being randomly set up the way they are it’s not like the usual classical game where you know to open your pawns so your queen and bishops can activate it must be kind of weird I’m sure on the amaeteur level probably crazy games because even in a regular type game players struggle to make moves and keep up with their opponent so I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it

  5. It’ll be an interesting observation when the Candidates tournament takes place and it’s back to classical I’d like all the people that think this Random style is so great and will replace classical tell me that this tournament is better than what that tournament has even Tata Steel was way more interesting in my opinion Better games

  6. Tomorrow another draw between Magnus and Fabiano, bit then Magnus will crash Fabiano in the tie break.

  7. Peter looks like such a good guy, yet he's already stolen the competition prize

  8. At 2:52:17 there’s a massive shift n the Firouzja Gukesh game that is never addressed. Those are popular players with big fan bases. Why completely ignore something far more exciting than over analyzing the same position on the other game? Bedsides you never mention what happened.

  9. Please get Hess and Naroditsky next time!!

  10. When Indians start talking it's hard to get them to shut up. Tanya should give the Peter more time since he's the GM

  11. If only there was someone else as commentator rather than Tania. I mean a man GM

  12. So what happened in the other games Gukesh vs Alireza Nordibek vs Levon ?? Anyone ????

  13. The advantage of playing with black was completely negated by Fabiano today. Bravó 👏

  14. Carlsen didn't wanna Lose with Black pieces…..and he achieved that easily today….

    Tomorrow, sadly, Fabi gets CRUSHED by Magnus playing with white….. it's written in the stars!!


  15. Magnus will gonna crush Fabi tomorrow

  16. Why this bitch commentating on magnus game, who is she????? Bring some world class players. Enough already with the bullshit

  17. What is freestyle game vs other chess games. I’m a novice but I watch chess. Sorry got it the pieces are arranged differently.

  18. why is the board setup like this and what is this called?

  19. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻, May the best win!

  20. If Fabi wins the tournament, Magnus will be so pissed that he will shave his head and fast for 1 month.

  21. Peter Leko is Legend commentary ✨️🤘✌️

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