WORLD BLITZ FINAL: Magnus & Gunina Lead! Can They Win It All? | FIDE World Blitz Championship 2023

World number-one Magnus Carlsen is back to defend both his rapid and blitz world championships from 2022! Competing against the 15-time world champ is Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and more of the world’s top players. Who will become the next world champions in chess, and claim their share of the total $1 million prize fund across the Open and Women’s events?


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  1. Deducting points? This affected the final standings. Is it worth it? Did the players have a fair warning of these possible consequences?

  2. This is intended as constructive feedback.

    Peter Leko is fantastic. Robert Hess was fine.

    Throughout the technical issues were a mess. Probably not completely your fault, but nevertheless unprofessional for a game the wants to be an international mainstream sport. One suggestion is to prioritize showing the diagram, even if you have to construct it by hand. New players and viewers will have great difficulty understanding what's happening otherwise.

    The switching of all kinds is annoying. But especially, sad to say, between the Open and Women's section. If chess is entertainment, who is the star of the show? Obviously, Magnus. Followed by the up and coming younger generation. Fairly or not, most of us don't know the women and they are far weaker. Most are elite only within their own gender. It would be easy to test viewer preferences, but I suspect you already have the data.

    Finally, with all of the above chaos, a lackadaisical commentator with babysitting issues is bad. Obviously we'd all agree that taking care of your kids is more important than commenting on chess on YouTube. And part of the charm of chess is a certain amateurism, typically reinforced in a positive way by YouTube. There are way better choices than Leko's partner here. And the choice is important, because seeing a Polgar, Kramnik, Svidler, or David Howell makes obvious the fact that something is wrong.

  3. What is the name of the two musics used at the beginning of this video @chess24

  4. Really sloppy coverage this year tbh from the technical side. Out of sync boards, a zoomed out view of the players that’s far too distant to see anything, an analysis board that has no resemblance to what’s going on in the current position and commentators constantly trying to catch up. Was pretty much OK for the rapid but the blitz you need to be able to see the board no matter what.

  5. depressing to see all the sexist chat comments when transmission goes to women's section! shame on you people

  6. Peter Leko is the best chess commentator in the world!!! He is a great player himself, a true gentleman and also a chess obsessive 🙂

  7. The coverage is amateur at best. If chess is to appeal to a mainstream audience it needs to improve the production qualities.

  8. Peter leko is the goat commentator in my opinion.

  9. Sorry…not good coverage at all. Disappointed.

  10. Nepo def his lucky shirt… wore it yesterday.

  11. It might be better if chess had some sort of sports outfit… 😅

  12. Dubov has a better tiebreak score than Magnus. If he had made a Berlin draw wirh Ian, he would have been the blitz champion. Dubov and Ian should've received 0.5. People draw with so many lines, its not much different than what they did.

  13. Come on Chess 24. Sort out your analysis board!,,,

  14. If i speak about the coverage i am in big trouble. In big trouble.

  15. 'Throw us your prime for an ad-free experience'…. It worries me that it seems no one in the younger generations wants to throw up on experiencing verbiage like that….

  16. I thought they would have a junior section for bliitz

  17. What’s the point of watching this stream if half the time the board is frozen? At least show the live action on full screen so we can understand the commentary.

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