World Chess Championship Drama!

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  1. Funny how both world champions will be from china

  2. maybe Levy is a pyromaniac because this shit is fire

  3. i cant concentrate in the video with the doggo being this cute

  4. 18:13 i love when levy scolds us for an insane situation that he made up

  5. It's nice to see some good coverage of the women's WC. Thanks Levy.

  6. Congrats on 4 MILLION Subscribers! Truly earned and I couldn't imagine anyone more worth achieving this goal!

  7. Can we take a moment to be astonished by the insane growth of Levys channel?! He has been gaining thousands of subscribers every 24h the last few months its unfathomable really. Love you Levy.

  8. Levy, as usual, promotes chess events more than FIDE themselves.

  9. I came for the Chess, I stayed for the Benji laying down in the doorway.

  10. 11:56 Doge licking his balls in the middle of the recap.

  11. Stop uploading this “world championship”

  12. Congratulations for 4M in advance. I know you're getting famous but your old comment section was 🔥. Now everyone just copy paste.

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