World Chess Championship Game 8 – Ding Liren vs Ian Nepomniachtchi

A double Peter special covers the EPIC 8th game of this thrilling World Championship match!

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  1. My favorite podcast!
    Peter centric episodes are a treat!

  2. Great discussion and analysis, but now we want 3 Peters tomorrow. Paging Peter Leko or Peter Biyiasis

  3. I mean, these guys are great. We're lucky to have them. But they couldn't get Leko too??

  4. Not enough Peters…..need Peter Leko to bring balance to the universe

  5. In the tradition of The Three Tenors…The Three Stooges…please let's get Leko in here and we'll have the Three Peters!

  6. Brilliant chess analysis from Peter x 2 👍👍

  7. Hiene did not sanction svidler.. thats great

  8. The Hair. The Salt-Pepper Beards. The Peters. You just gotta love it.

  9. Great analysis, wish PSvidler was doing commentary in English during the game.

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