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  1. Waddup gotham.
    I think it would be awesome if you could update the title after a couple of days/weeks to be more informative. That would make it more intersting to browse through the channel.
    Love you and keep doing what you're doing!

  2. rooting for hikaru but him winning against gukech i cant see it happening

  3. Gukesh is taking this to the house. The kid is greatness personified. I think Alireza is overrated and over hyped but in this game he really showed a lot of heart when he could have easily packed it in. I definitely like Alireza more than I did yesterday. Gotham thanks for everything you do and it was great to see you commentating with Hess and Danya. I hope you do that more often. I think you can be even better than they are and they are basically the best in the business at this point.

  4. Lol woman chess are complete unwatchable, completely lowskilled

  5. I don’t feel like paying over 100 for the botez board, but levy, if you make a chess set, I will buy ❤️

  6. Saw the broadcast coverage at Buffalo Wild Wings. . .

    Nah jk

  7. Maybe i am weird for this but i hate the "draw by repetition" rule…
    I'd rather see players loose more time starting with the third repetition.
    Like make it a minute per repetition starting with the third repetition.
    I feel like finding a way to force a draw besides stalemate is pretty lame and makes for boring games.

  8. Levy is the king of dramatic and entertaining recaps

  9. This is honestly the most emotional chess tournament I've ever seen.. I'm crying rn fr… these guys are inspiring

  10. my prediction for the finals:

  11. Toronto had more homocides than NYC last year 🙁

  12. this is easily the most exitingchess recap ive ever seen

  13. I’ll be happy if any of Fabi, Hikaru, or Gukesh win this. I’d definitely like to see a tiebreaker on Monday.

  14. levi never fails to spend 11.30 mins on his bf(Hikaru)

  15. Superb commentary Levy very much appreciated thank you .

  16. You are hands down the best chess content creator. I was hype. I was emotional. I was locked in. Having me on the roller coaster every video.

  17. The deck looks very cool. Surely grabbing that, nice😅

  18. The computer wanted Fabi to go b6 for about 10 straight moves.

  19. I've watched this tournament solely through your recaps, and Gukesh has become a damn SUPER HERO through your breakdowns.

    The TENACITY displayed by him oozes all over the board and is what makes chess so amazing to me.

    He DENIED conventional thought and algorithms and TOOK. WHAT. WAS. HIS. I LOVE IT.

  20. You are just the best, watched this with so much exitement fothe results

  21. GUKESH damn near making me CRY with his play. The HEART displayed on the board was so damn beautiful.

  22. Fabi x nepo
    hikaru x gukesh
    last round can you imagine

  23. You keep saying "I cannot understate" – that's the wrong word. Understate means to downplay. What you're saying with this phrase is "I cannot tell you how unimportant or unimpressive this is." What you mean is the opposite, so you should be saying "I cannot *overstate,* " which means "This is more important and impressive than I can communicate."


  25. Man one of the best recaps levi of this tournament. Goosebumps commentary you do🔥🔥

  26. Amazing recap as usual, a few years ago I wouldn't have dreamt of following Chess, or getting hyped about a tournament… Or getting emotional for a situation like this. Thank you dude, kudos

  27. After 3 months, this is the bait that finally got me to click a new Levi video.

  28. Wouldn't it be better if players didn't know what's happening in other games? This way Hikaru and Nepo would've played for a win probably.

  29. The best person to do a recap. Makes it feel like a Super Bowl highlight reel

  30. yo, why do germans pronounce hikaru as if we had a nigerian accent? we dont say hikawu xD

  31. I'm in the middle of the streets of Mumbai. People are chanting "Gukesh! Gukesh!" All of India's are on hos shoulders now. We KNOW he wil be champion head bobbing

  32. « Why would I trade the queens ? that’s what GothamChess would do and that’s why he covers my games » 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. This was Fabis most insane game ever winning with black against PRAG

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