You have to know this (Checkmate in 8) #shorts

Chess Rap This is the BS gambit (Blackburne Shilling)
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  1. If Queen g2 but rook g1 how it will checkmate


  3. And what stops white from playing nxd4 at the beginning?

  4. Ok can someone explain how that works of the queen gets offered

  5. They took with the bishop instead of the knight, putting me in check. After I moved my king, they moved their knight making it impossible for me to move my queen to the rook.

  6. undoubtedly the most annoying chess song. Gameplay is nice but istg i hate the song

  7. I always offer a draw after Knight F7 😀 They never take it.

  8. So crazy this sane guy used to be a goat at fortnite 💀

  9. We have to find a guy who sends hes bishop not 2 knights

  10. This coming up on the most veiwed, only 400k behind, cmon lets go

    Edit: This one: 9,655,556
    Top: 10,286,185

  11. Withe team:you can’t win the black Horse:are you sure about that

  12. yea bro,this is so famous that not even 400 fall for thus anymore

  13. Can you just tell people something without a musical number

  14. POV: my opponent trades knights
    me: wait thats not in the scrip-

  15. love the way you made this into a small hip hop track

  16. I looked up ONE chess video and now my youtube is full of them

  17. The one time that song actualy goes how it is supposed to go

  18. Thanks now i can beat the chess guy in my scool

  19. Someone tried to pull this off on me and they didn’t know I’ve seen it

  20. If they take the knight instead of the pawn, they’re a good +1.2 on you

  21. But what if they take knight with the knight 🤔

  22. My opponent:alriht u give me a free knight thank you

    Me:what but its protected

    My opponent:idc ima take

  23. I literaly got the situation rn and ran to this video, the game played out exactly the same 😭

  24. And to think he used to be a Fortnite YouTuber

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