Alexey Dreev stood up for Niemann

Russian grandmaster Alexey Dreev believes that Hans Niemann played fair against Magnus Carlsen.

“He is guilty of using a computer in an online tournament when he was 12 years old and confessed to it, but he is not guilty of what he is accused of. At the tournament with Carlsen, he did not use a computer. I carefully watched this batch, and did not find any computer traces. There are mistakes on both sides during the game. I looked objectively and attentively. There is no proof! They rushed with accusations,” – Dreev said

Recall, that Carlsen accused Niemann of cheating. The world champion withdrew from the final stage of the Grand Chess Tour in the American St. Louis after the White defeat by Niemann, indirectly hinting at foul play on the part of the American.

On September 19, Carlsen met Niemann again as part of the sixth round of the Julius Baer Generation Cup online tournament and defiantly gave up on the second move.

After the site He released a detailed investigation, the results of which testified to more than a hundred cases of Niemann cheating in online parties.

Niemann then filed a $100 million lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen after allegations of fraud on his part.

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