Magnus Carlsen spoke for the first time about Hans Niemann’s lawsuit

The world chess champion commented on the lawsuit of the American grandmaster Hans Niemann in the amount of 100$ million directed against him. Earlier, the Norwegian accused Niemann of cheating.

“I’m still focused on chess. I’m not going to use Niemann’s actions as an excuse, no matter how my affairs turn out,” Carlsen said.

Not only Carlsen is listed as defendants in the lawsuit, but also the chess platform , American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, Carlsen’s company Play Magnus Group and CEO Danny Rensch.

Note that presented an investigation, according to the result of which Niemann was convicted of foul play in more than 100 games. In turn, Niemann rejected accusations of cheating in the party at the super tournament in St. Louis against Magnus Carlsen.

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