Karjakin: Carlsen has a nervous breakdown, Magnus accuses Niemann without evidence

In an interview with ria.ru journalists, Sergey Karajkin said that Magnus Carlsen acted incorrectly by publicly accusing Hans Niemann of cheating in a game with him in the absence of clear evidence of the American’s guilt, this act was caused by a nervous breakdown in the Norwegian.

With all due respect to Magnus, this is all speculation for now. He may have an opinion that Niemann is a cheater, while someone else has it. If we take the presumption of innocence as a basis, then Niemann’s guilt has not been proven. I think Magnus is wrong, he should have filed an appeal during the tournament and kept playing because no one caught Niemann by the hand and nothing happened. Therefore, here I still adhere to the opinion that this cannot be done. If not caught, then not a thief, so it turns out. I have no doubt that Magnus had some kind of malfunction in the nervous system. This is 100%. It is connected with feelings after his refusal of the championship title (the match with the Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi). And everyone puts pressure on him: why did he do it, and he says that he does not need it. The situation is pressing on him, I’m sure of it.

Full text of the interview

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