Sergey Karjakin

Tournament “Chess Stars 2023” starts tomorrow

Tomorrow the Chess Stars 2023 tournament starts in Moscow. Participants : S. Karjakin, T. Radjabov, A. Grischuk, F. Vallejo Pons, V. Artemiev, S. Sjugirov, R. Sadhwani, A. Goryachkina, E. Lagno, B. Assaubayeva. dates : from 24 to 26 January rapid, from 28-30 January blitz system : circular; rapid 9 rounds; blitz 18 rounds prize fund : 15,000,000 rubles official site

Magnus Carlsen – biography

Sooner or later, chess fans start to wonder who the best player is. Some of them are just curious. Others need an example to strive for. We live in an amazing era. Now we have a Champion who can be called the best – Magnus Carlsen. And not only of our time! There had been…

Sergey Karjakin won the Cup of the “REGION” Group of Companies

The round-robin rapid chess tournament Cup of the “REGION” Group of Companies, held from December 2 to 4 in Moscow (Russia), has ended. 10 chess players took part in the tournament with a prize fund of 3,000,000 rubles. According to the results of nine rounds, Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin won. In second place – V….

Karpov may be discharged from the hospital next week

Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin said in his Telegram channel that the 12th World chess champion could be discharged next week. “I received a message from the relatives of Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov. Anatoly Yevgenyevich finally called me! The voice is quite cheerful. Remembers the smallest details, even the names and years of issue of philatelic stamps. Hopes…

Magnus Carlsen and Hou Yifan are the leaders of the FIDE rating list

FIDE has published a rating of chess players on November 1, 2022. Men, top ten: 1. M. Carlsen (Norway) 2859, 2. Ding Liren (China) 2811, 3. I. Nepomniachtchi (Russia) 2793, 4. A. Firouzja (France) 2785, 5. H. Nakamura 2768, 6. F. Caruana (both – USA) 2766, 7. A. Giri (Netherlands) 2764, 8. W.So (USA) 2760,…

Karjakin does not support Rauf Mamedov’s decision

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin believes that Azerbaijani chess player Rauf Mamedov needlessly refused to continue the game with world champion Magnus Carlsen at the online blitz tournament Titled Tuesday. “In my opinion, Rauf took such a move of Magnus too close to his heart, it would have been better to get together and win the…

Artemiev: I am not surprised by the victory

In an interview with RIA News, Vladislav Artemiev shared his impressions of the “Chess Stars” tournament. You know, I now first of all experience positive emotions, because the tournament was really very strong in terms of the composition of the participants. After all, Vladimir Kramnik came to Moscow, Sergey Karjakin and other serious guys spoke….