Karjakin does not support Rauf Mamedov’s decision

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin believes that Azerbaijani chess player Rauf Mamedov needlessly refused to continue the game with world champion Magnus Carlsen at the online blitz tournament Titled Tuesday.

“In my opinion, Rauf took such a move of Magnus too close to his heart, it would have been better to get together and win the game, having received such an advantage in the opening. Moreover, he was in first place in the tournament. I think he overreacted. I agree that this is not very nice on the part of Carlsen, but it was necessary to punish him in a sporting way. It’s as if a boxer came out and just stood with his hands down and laughed at his opponent,” – Karjakin said.

Recall that Rauf Mamedov refused to continue the game with the Norwegian chess player on the second move, considering his first move mocking.

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