Kramnik: chess will survive anyway

Before the start of the Chess Stars 2022 tournament, Vladimir Kramnik gave an interview to Izvestia, where he shared his expectations from the tournament and discussed the problem of cheating.

I don’t play at a professional level, so I rarely see many guys. Many have not seen each other for two or three years. Besides, I like to play chess with strong opponents. Therefore, it is doubly interesting and pleasant for me to be here. I understand that it will be difficult against the backdrop of strong players who devote a lot of time to chess every day. But in any case, this is a great opportunity to test your skills.

The problem of cheating needs to be addressed. And it is absolutely solvable, even if it requires financial investments. For many years, no one really did this. And I’m afraid that no serious steps will be taken this time either. The scandal will gradually be forgotten, some conversation will take place, and that’s it. Although, I repeat, this problem can be solved radically in live chess.

Full text of the interview

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