Vladimir Kramnik

Vladimir Kramnik – biography

Vladimir Kramnik truly became a player of a new format. He is the one who can use the computer correctly to prepare for the matches. It’s really hard to retain some “humanity” in games when using an engine. But he made it! And other chess players followed him.  He was born on the 25th of…

World’s Top Chess Players According to FIDE Ratings

How does one identify the world’s top chess players according to FIDE ratings? To answer this quite reasonable question, an American physics professor Arpad Elo invented a special rating calculation system for a 2-player game. FIDE started using Elo’s ratings back in 1970. Since 2012, separate ratings were implemented for rapid and blitz chess. These…

Human vs Computer in Chess – The Chronicle

Today, no chess player can defeat a machine. Even Magnus Carlsen on a good day would be powerless. However, this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when matches of a human vs computer in chess did not have an obvious leader. Humans kept demonstrating their superiority. Such encounters used to be incredibly fascinating…

Artemiev: I am not surprised by the victory

In an interview with RIA News, Vladislav Artemiev shared his impressions of the “Chess Stars” tournament. You know, I now first of all experience positive emotions, because the tournament was really very strong in terms of the composition of the participants. After all, Vladimir Kramnik came to Moscow, Sergey Karjakin and other serious guys spoke….

“Chess stars – 2022”

The international chess tournament “Chess Stars” has ended in Moscow. In the blitz tournament, the participants settled down as follows: 1-2. Karjakin, Artemiev – 12 (18), 3. Kramnik – 11, 4. Sadhwani – 10.5, 5. Radjabov – 10, 6. Morozevich – 9, 7. Vallejo – 8.5, 8-9. Lagno, Goryachkina – 6, 10. Inarkiev – 5….

Stars of Chess

The first round-robin of the blitz tournament ended in Moscow today. Standings after the 9th round: 1. Karjakin 6 – (9), 2-3. Kramnik, Morozevich – 5.5, 4-5. Artemiev, Sadhwani – 5, 6. Vallejo – 4.5, 7-8. Goryachkina, Radjabov – 4, 9. Inarkiev – 3.5, 10. Lagno – 2. Technical results

Artemiev told about his rapid games in the “Chess Stars” tournament

Vladislav Artemiev became the winner of the rapid tournament in Moscow, scoring 6.5 points out of 9. Teimour Radjabov, Raunak Sadhwani and Vladimir Kramnik were one point behind. On October 4-5, the tournament will continue with a blitz of 2 round-robin. “Thank you for congratulations on the victory,”- Artemiev said. – But I would like…

Kramnik commented on Artemyev ‘s result

Vladislav Artemiev became the winner of the rapid part of the “Chess Stars” tournament in Moscow, scoring 6.5 points out of 9. Vladimir Kramnik shared the 2nd-4th place, scoring 5.5 points. A blitz tournament will be held on October 4-5, after which the winner and prize-winners of the total tournament will be determined. “Plus two”…