Lagno: it’s harder to play with men

After winning the Grand Prix among women in Astana, Kateryna Lagno went to Moscow to participate in the international tournament “Chess Stars – 2022”, where she spoke with a RIA News correspondent.

We just arrived from Astana this morning on the same flight as Sasha Goryachkina. Of course we are very tired. But I decided for myself that this tournament would be a good workout. The first day went well. Firstly, I played two games out of three with black pieces. And, secondly, I managed to win one (with white), and in the third round I drew with black against Teimour Radjabov. I think it’s pretty good.

The tournament has no great sporting significance for me. Of course, I am pleased to play in such a strong competition and practice, because the Candidates Tournament will start soon. In terms of chess, playing with men is, of course, more difficult than with women, especially here because of the composition – they are stronger. But on the other hand, there is no pressure on you in terms of the result. If you lose, then no big deal. And if you won, then you are generally a great fellow. There is no pressure, and I play relaxed to some extent.


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