Magnus Carlsen does not rule out the possibility of playing a World Championship match again

The current world chess champion Magnus Carlsen said that in the future he could take part in a match for the title of the strongest chess player on the planet.

“I don’t want to speculate on whether this is possible or not, but I definitely don’t rule out such a possibility in the future. Especially if they change the format of the match.

Of course, it’s not for me to suggest this, but I would like to have less time to think about moves and more games in the match.

I think that in Fischer chess, on the contrary, you need more time to think about it, since they are more complicated. And in the classic ones – less,” – Carlsen said.

Recall that Magnus Carlsen refused the title match against Ian Nepomniachtchi. In 2023, the Russian grandmaster will play with the Chinese Ding Liren.

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