Vladimir Kramnik named the favorite for the match for the title of world chess champion

The 14th world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik considers Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi the favorite in the match for the world title against the Chinese Ding Liren.

Ian is some favorite. As a percentage, I would rate it as 55 to 45. Not a very big difference. The Chinese is a very serious opponent. Both have chances, the one who is better prepared and better able to withstand the strain, and will win.

The famous chess player also commented on the scandal surrounding Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann.

The fact that Magnus left the tournament, accusing Niemann of dishonesty, seemed a little strange. I would not do such a thing, especially since there is still no direct evidence. Is it related to the star disease? I don’t know, I’m not sure. But this scandal could have been avoided, put it in a more constructive direction. If Carlsen suspected Niemann and thought he was really using hints, then I would have done what seems to me more logical: I would have asked the organizers to do a serious check while he was playing there and find out what to catch. And after the demarche – departure from the tournament, it is clear that no evidence will be found. If Carlsen was sure that his opponent used computer prompts, some kind of help, then I can understand his emotions. But there were more rational options.


  1. There will be not real champion, this match isnt interesting

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