Fischer World Chess Championship. Results of the first game day

1st round
Abdusattorov 2:0 Nepomniachchi
Carlsen 1.5:0.5 Fedoseev
Bluembaum 0.5:1.5 Nakamura
Gretarsson 0.5:1.5 Co

Round 2
Nepomnyashchy 2 : 0 Gretarsson
Co 0.5 : 1.5 Abdusattarov
Fedoseev1.5 : 0.5 Bluembaum
Carlsen 0.5 : 1.5 Nakamura

The composition of group “A”: Wesley So (USA), Nodirbek Abdusattorov (Uzbekistan), Jan Nepomniachchi (Russia), Hjervar Stein Gretarsson (Iceland)

The composition of group “B”: Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Vladimir Fedoseev (Russia), Matthias Bluebaum (Germany).

Dates : from 25 to 30 October
Prize fund: $400,000 (1st place — $150,000)
System: mixed: group stage + playoffs.
Group stage: 2 games are played between the players. Two circles. In a mini-match, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. The top two advance from the group to the playoffs.
Knockout: each match lasts 4 games, with a tie score, an armageddon game is played.
Time control: 25 minutes for 30 moves plus 5 minutes until the end of the game with an addition of 5 seconds for each move, starting from 31 moves.
Games start: at 18.00 msk

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