MrDodgy Invitational 3.0. Results 1/2

The “MrDodgy Invitational 3.0” continues on the “Chess 24” platform, a blitz of 5 minutes per game. Matches of the 1/2 stage of the tournament were held.

Technical results:
M. Carlsen – S. Sevian 7:1, D. Dubov – A. Grischuk 7:5.

M. Carlsen and D. Dubov will meet in the final.

Dates: from November 25 to December 1
Prize pool: $15,000 (1st place $5,000)
System: mixed – 16 participants in groups play a round-robin tournament, 8 chess players are selected for the playoffs, where matches of 12 games are played (with the score 6:6 – armageddon)

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