Zurab Sturua and John Nunn became World Seniors champions

The Open World Championship among seniors, held from November 15 to 26 in Assisi (Italy), has ended. 340 players, including 22 grandmasters, took part in the tournament with a prize fund of 20,000€. Georgian international grandmaster Zurab Sturua won in the 50+ group after 11 rounds. Maxim Novik is in second place. On the third – Ivan Morovic.
In the 65+ group, following the results of 11 rounds, the English grandmaster John Nunn won. In second place is Jose Fernandez. On the third – Nikolay Legky.

Technical results in the 50+ group:
1-2. Z. Sturua (Georgia), M. Novik (Lithuania) – 8.5 out of 11
3-6. I. Morovic (Chile), V. Nevednichy (Romania), K. Bischoff (Germany), F. Bellia (Italy) – 8 each.

Technical results in group 65+:
1st place. J. Nunn (England) – 9 out of 11
2-5. J. Fernandez (Spain), N. Legky (France), J. Kristiansen (Denmark) and N.G. Renman (Sweden) – 8.5.

Final standings
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