0 Elo Chess

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  1. El compatriota verdaderamente dijo: "Soy campeon del mundo juego como quiero. Ah, y las malvinas son argentinas"

  2. Probably a game played by two 6-years olds. White resigned when his mother called him for dinner.

  3. I started monday, ruined my rating by playing blitz, crawling back up there slowly, this broke my brain, nice to feel the improvement working

  4. They were playing against themselves 😂😂😂

  5. I wanna know how many blunders were in this game?..

  6. "Black had all the ingredients necessary to bake the cake, but instead blew up the kitchen" had me laughing for the past 10 minutes 😂

  7. This is like the lilo and stitch scene where theyre handing the clogged gun that's about to explode back and forth saying "no no you take it" "its your birthday, happy birthday" "merry Christmas" "haopy presidents day"

  8. When he said that he had all the ingredients to bake the cake, but instead he blew up the kitchen. I died, laughing bro.

  9. the advantage tracker is my blood pressure watching this

  10. Im bad at chess and i sympathised for them for atleast half the video

  11. as someoen with negative elo, i saw these as the best moves possible. i cannot believe that you said these are bad moves

  12. 8:45 A6 isnt useless at all though, the knight is now completely blocked out by pawns

  13. This hurt. The ending, by resignation, hurt even worse.
    Just freakin wow.

  14. This is how my sister’s games look like😂

  15. As a 600 elo player … what was that? Lol

  16. who is this a draw. if i would play that, it probably end with me trading the pieces out of force and then i would find myself with a last rook down

  17. even a 200 elo like me plays better than them

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