The Feeling Of Winning A World Chess Championship

That feeling when you make history for the first time in a DECADE. Ding Liren is the new FIDE World Champion after defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi in a STUNNING tiebreaker following an emotional rollercoaster of a match.

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  1. I tried to hold it when Nepo’s shaking hands knocked off a piece but the moment Ding extended his hand for the second handshake I felt it! He was practically saying “sorry bro GG” 😢😢😢 so emotional

  2. Ничего не понял, но очень интересно 😊

  3. Ian please you can come back again!!
    Please I want you to be world champion…

  4. Bravo Ding! The triumph of a humble, brave and courageous champion, Congratulations Ding Liren!

  5. I was rating for Ian…I feel sorry for him,for the second time in a row….😢

  6. He's so emotional, his social score must have been at least doubled 📈

  7. I was rooting for Ding, but man, Ian's look at the end, his realizations of the inevitable, that moment made him shake. As much as these guys are beyond our comprehension, at the end of the day they are only human

  8. I was rooting for Ding in the whole series so that we'll witness a first Chinese World Champion in chess. I hope Nepo will vie for the next WCC. When that time comes, i'll vote for him.

  9. such a sweet and humble man. gotta love how he went for the second handshake. love this guy

  10. First time i cry for a player he must have been so desperate He was shaking

  11. Such a terrible way to lose in a world championship. Ian will probably be hunted by those moments for some years

  12. That moment is very heartbreaking for me when Nepo understood the game is over 😢

  13. Congratulations to the best chess player in the world Ding Liren ❤🔥

  14. I'm pretty sure that Ding Liren is THE CUTEST CHESS WORLCHAMPION EVER!!

  15. What a historical chess championship, both of Ding and Ian deserve a big handddd😭😭👏🏻👏🏻And infinite congratulations to DINGGGG MY MANNNN

  16. Banning russian flag is just westerm double standard shit

  17. Ding wouldn’t even be the hero in this movie. Rip nepo 😢 (don’t hurt yourself but REST I mean)

  18. Congrats. But in fact, Magnus is the only true champion.

  19. Does anyone know when closing ceremony is? Or is it already happened!

  20. A cena não mostrou, mas Nepo quase caiu saindo da cadeira no final, o cara realmente derreteu emocionalmente. Ding merece todos os méritos, foi pra cima, não aceitou um tranquilo empate na quarta partida dos tiebreaks. Partidaça final. Parabéns a todos!

  21. 0:34 He was literally shivering, feels bad for Nepo even if I am a huge fan of Dingu

  22. Ian's second handshake, accompanied by a determined effort to display a courteous smile, was a testament to his commitment to upholding good manners and sportsmanship, despite the immense stress and the gravity of the event.

  23. China, Home Of Champions! Ju, Wenjun and Ding, Liren 🥂

  24. I bet that that moment when Ding Liren refused the raw by repetition on the very last move where he could have taken it, with a move that looked really risky, had to be really nerve-wrecking. He was essentially betting on a possible loss because of a bad move, over a safe draw which he could just have taken if he wanted.

  25. How good was that clickbait title saying Ding had won you released that totally ruined the last few games for me. Thanks for that. Awesome.

  26. Can't help but like that guy. Congrats champ

  27. That was a fight. Real big fight of two lions. They made mistakes but they are fighters.

  28. the look of extreme disbelief. Congrats King Ding!

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