The Feeling Of Winning A World Chess Championship

That feeling when you make history for the first time in a DECADE. Ding Liren is the new FIDE World Champion after defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi in a STUNNING tiebreaker following an emotional rollercoaster of a match.

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  1. In my eyes if u have the courage to surprise your opponent with a london opening and win with it! you deserve to win the world championship 🙂

  2. Damn, what a rollercoaster this Championship has been. Both players absolutely deserved to win, but in the end it could only be one.Special shoutout to Magnus who made this thriller possible 😉

  3. Ding reacting to the CCP letting his family live

    This was just a joke. Dont take it too seriously guys

  4. Whos the donkey that just steps in andnstarts cleaning the board?? Jfc

  5. He was about to burst into manic laughter, but he suppressed it and covered it up with a hand over his face showing “sadness.” Typical psychopath 🤣

  6. Winner reaction really confuse me I mean he is not seem happy to winning world chess championship!

  7. When a legend😢 lose the champion be like 😞it feels wrong to win😭

  8. Din looks like a high IQ insect.Captivated on Nippos bad moves…Great sight..

  9. That is what separates Asians from the rest. I am not being a racist, but had it been some other nationalities, the reaction would have been way different. Asians are known for their humility and hospitality. Rare virtues which make them real champions!

  10. The real “I won, but at what cost”

  11. Man's whole World is crashing, but still showed sportsmanship….. Respect ❤

  12. After watching more than once. I think Ian might have a fear of success. Meditate Ian

  13. I must of been watching a different match because Ian didn't seem gracious in defeat, there is a distinct difference in WANTING to shake someones hand and HAVING too because its sportsmanship…… he walked off in a huff avoided eye contact… nah sorry Ian is a sore loser

  14. One shall win and, One shall fall but Us who fight as One shall never, Fall among them.

  15. "It was my opponent. not my enemy" – A wise man

  16. His reaction wasn't caused by him winning, he was sad because the other person lost and almost had a breakdown.

  17. The feeling of knowing you crushed someone's dreams to achieve yours

  18. Arrive late, and you'll win. 😅 Not all days are holidays 😅 go to your mother.

  19. In the dream of becoming the best at something, you have to crush the dreams of everybody else.

  20. China has the world chess championship title (2023) for both men and women

  21. There was no wanting to see tournaament as magnus did not play

  22. 0:36 this moment is heartbreaking for me ,all viewers and specially for Ian and when he resigned all viewers were shocked

  23. wait where was magnus and why he didnt win this???

  24. Ding just stayed there palming his face. What a composure

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