10 Chess Traps to Win FAST!!

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How To Win FAST In Chess – 10 Moves Or Less

0:00 Intro
0:50 Gambits For White
3:52 5/6 Moves: Caro Kann
7:20 7 Moves: Ponziani
11:08 8 Moves: Fried Liver
14:37 10 Moves: English
18:51 Gambits For Black
23:08 6/7 Moves: Portuguese
27:00 8 Moves: Englund
30:37 9 Moves: Albin
35:07 10 Moves: Stafford

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  1. what is going on with his hair? Do you think he had a hair transplant or something?

  2. It is posible to play the ponziani on a Rui Lopez opening ?

  3. Can be posible that I played the poziani on a ruiz lopez opening?

  4. @gothamchess if your name was Carl your YouTube name could be Carl Kann lmao

  5. Make videos about 100 endgame you must know
    Hho agree like

  6. Day 178 of writing a pronunciation of 'Zwischenzug' in Russian for Levy:

    ЦВИШЭН ЦУГ (ts-vishen-ts-oog)

    Bonus: Zugzwang – ЦУГ ЦВАНГ (ts-oog ts-vang)

  7. 8:54 is qa4 better than b4 because it doesn’t allow nxc3?

  8. $76,000 just in two weeks Mrs Christine Norine Martin you are so amazing.

  9. Got my elo today , 1633 ! ”How to win at chess” helped me a lot on the way, thanks🙏

  10. I pause the video with one second left every time, I remain with the video in this position for as long as I want. I’ll be damned if I let Levy tell me what to do. “Get out of here” SMH he’s not even a grandmaster

  11. you could,ve also shown adhiban's b3 9 move win against david navara

  12. fishing pole trap against ruy is cool and the fools mate is the fastest checkmate

  13. 28:32 also an important line to show is Queen d2. You can take on b7 anyway and if Queen c3 you pin with the same bishop

  14. I love a good recap, but it's refreshing to get more instructional content. Could you please think about doing another opening video? Possibly revisiting the Catalan?

  15. suprised the tennison gambit wasnt included as most moves except for the scandi are the most obvious

  16. 38:13 killed me. Haha. GJ Teaching us unsound chess and annoying the world's greatest GMs. Love the memes.

  17. I'm sure you get a ton of people saying positive things… but your channel has really reinvigorated my love of chess. Even more than that, it has been the springboard to rekindle a friendship (I am chatting nightly about chess strategy to get better haha). Thank you so much for the amazing content.

    Also, chat/commenters, thanks for the entertainment. Watching the "guess the elo" or subscriber games have been wildly entertaining. I appreciate that hours of content you have helped create. Now I'm back to watching without commenting!

  18. Légal Trap is a classic, can go something like:
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bc4 h6 4. Nc3 Bg4
    5. Nxe5 Bxd1 6. Bxf7+ Ke7 7. Nd5#

  19. OMG I LOVE THE BLACKBURNE-SHILLING GAMBIT. Another youtuber showed it to me. "Chess Talk". Ive won with this trap SOOOO many times

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