More Cheating in Chess??

Hikaru talks about cheating in chess. Original article:

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  1. When i was like 13 i got wallhack for call of duty…. it was fun for like 2 days then it became boring and later i got cought anyways. Pretty Bad move. But why on earth (maybe besides money) would someone cheat in chess. Thats pretty poor.

  2. I haven't had the desire to cheat in anything since being a child in grade school. Just can't relate to cheating in a competition. Weird

  3. We need to wand everyone as they come in, to make sure they don't have a second phone, and while they're playing the phone must be off, face down on the table during their entire game.

  4. Hmm… what I'd be curious about is whether the lower rated player also visited the bathroom.
    Wouldn't it be possible for the 1200 rated player to frame the higher rated player and get a win that way?

  5. Lmao, if I was good enough for a tournament I would be so suspicious. Pissing constantly is just my life.

  6. It's everywhere now .. I am only 2000 ELO but I will be beat against players my rating 11 games in a row with 99.6% accuracy, really considering quitting online play.

  7. I hate cheaters. They are like the "virus which affect our computer“. They are very shameless people .

  8. Why would a 1700 cheat against a 1200???? I can adopt 1200s @ 1800

  9. bro thinks he's levy fr. pulls it off like a champ 9.5/10 stare

  10. Levy: stares
    hikaru: look at me…….Your stare….it is mine now

  11. now chess cheating trend is chess mule. 🙄🤔🥶

  12. Your trying to copy levy with that stare lol

  13. IDK if it's been said yet but a cistern is the tank of water that flushes the toilet.

  14. but you have no evidence of him cheating! how can you ruin a young man's career like this! lawsuit!

  15. Upload all games into the engines, and see who was making computer moves in latter stages of the game. People can master Computer moves for like 6,7 or Eight moves.

    Soon it became instinctive and anyone able to play two or more successive computer moves in a complex situation should be investigated.

  16. should have just gone with the beads- proven technique

  17. I like chess but no one really cares about it, but the people trying to make money from it. Cheating at life right? We need more people focused on engineering and things that matter. It's a shame IMO such brilliant minds waste it on a game. Cheating in chess, smh lol. We have bigger worldly problems to worry about. But this is what freedom gives you, silly games and a LOT of TIME WASTING.. You get 1 time at this life, do something that matters. But again I like chess, just not enough to care if people cheat. IMO.

  18. I can't believe how many people cheat recklessly. It would benefit all these low rated players to just study more. They would have vastly better results. I enjoy chess at the 1200 level just for fun.

  19. This stare expressed focus, and yet, the furrow of the brows asks questions… But it seems that expression already has their answers.

    Truly, a decent 8 / 10

  20. Honestly might be valuable to have a dedicated tournament where some players are TOLD to cheat and the winners are the ones who don’t get caught or are caught later. The other players should be told not to cheat but behave in ways that might, and the winner there would be the ones that are the most convincing. That might help train detection and possible improve both false positives and negatives. Also would be hilarious 😂

  21. "welcome to the world chess championship tournament. Here is your diaper."

  22. I really don't get it. I use Stockfish pretty often to analyze games and learn how to defeat certain openings. But half of the moves I'd never think to do in a real game so I'd guess the algorithm sees it pretty obviously.

  23. This type of cheating happens far more often than there are players actually caught cheating, and many chess federations have not enough measures for monitoring cheating. FIDE has still many flaws in looking for cheaters in every level, including in top tournaments. It really comes to show how FIDE and all the other chess organisations need a full rework of their anti-cheat measures as well us their regulations according player clothing and so on.

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