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  1. What a Game by Fabiano Caruana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.👌👌👋👋
    Looking like Levon didn't do anything wrong. A wrong pawn move against Fabi is enough to create an attack in classical.
    If Magnus is not born last 10 years were dominated by this man.

  2. The audio and video are not in sync. As no one else has pointed out in comments, this goes out to say that no one watches these videos seriously 😂

  3. Feel Like I could easily beat a grandmaster after watching these videos, every time.

  4. In video games and in card games there is a term to refer to trendy strongest ideas. We call it META, and varies depending on what is crazy busted at the time and what new things are added. Chess is not unique in the concept, but is cool to watch how it changes naturally in this non changing rule environment.

  5. Fabi has done nothing in his life we and yet he is high

  6. Depends what you consider a 'sport' but in esports, a 'meta' is probably pretty close to what you described

  7. I love your attitude to learning about other sports and their changes with the rugby example! If you're looking for other game theory, Will Anderson does great informative work on Scrabble and their tournaments!

  8. At 13:15, why has pawn to a5 been shut down with the knight? Seems like the end result of an exchange on a5 is still favorable for black… but I'm sure I'm missing something

  9. My friend: humen never can be playing chess game better than, AI/chat GPT/Computer and more…

    Me: "showing him this video"

  10. thank you for showing this… it was so much fun to watch 😀

  11. In american football defensive and offensive formations get trendy in the same way

  12. Now i also think he was cheating 😂😂😂

  13. Can you turn on the move feedback while analysing the game to show book move best move inaccuracy etc? That would be nice

  14. Well basketball has gone through a couple trends with big men and then less big men and more 3 point shooters

  15. Great video Levi! Thanks for the chess man !

  16. On these throwback games please game review it makes me curious. I thought the video from the growth of chess was missing it

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