Unknown Chess Pro Broke Every Record

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  1. Anyone else think he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch?! Should make a movie or something…

  2. You know, there is bad click bait and there is good click bait. Usually Gotham is pretty bad. But this one is fantastic. I am not even mad.

  3. Answer for everyone: Levy never fails to do that

  4. It's "fian-cheetos" not whatever it was you said. At least that is how Hikaru says it, and he is higher rated than you so he must be right.

  5. It's interesting if you make a video about Korchnoi and Karpov since those 2 are the antithesis in terms of style to Tal and Nezh

  6. Levy never fails to promote legendary International Masters like himself

  7. I thought Korchnoi was World Champion……………

  8. hell yeah!!!! Wanted to see victor's game and i hope you make videos of him tooooo

  9. That was awesome, I'm loving these historical videos! Thank you!

  10. Plsss levy Share and analyze some games of david bronstein❤

  11. Could you do a video on Emil Joseph Diemer? I only know of him for the opening named after him and his immortal pawn game, would be cool to hear his history and see some of his other games

  12. Woukd love to hear more stories like this one

  13. Brother please make videos on carl schletcher❤

  14. He didnt play with guns, he prefered cannons.

  15. That was amazing probably your best video yet

  16. Scheveningen – you like to pronounce things roughly correctly, and the name of this Dutch town is a trap. The Dutch use it to assess if you understand the difference between Dutch and German. In Dutch, sch is pronounced skh. As a Russian speaker you'll know how to say that. And it is accented on the first syllable. A reasonable approximation when speaking English would be SKAY-vuh-ning-un.

    Not very tactful calling Kazakhstan a "region of Russia", even to describe the situation before independence.

  17. Ben Finegold would've love F6's sacrifices 😂

  18. “Рашид Няшметдинов“

  19. Levy never fails to make us happy ❤️

  20. Levy we need more videos about Emory Tate insane attacker

  21. It's refreshing that Gotham started this covers again

  22. The enthousiasme you display is contagious man !!!! I'm loving it ..(badapa papaa)

  23. Miss aggressiv chess 😢 this is so entertaining

  24. That was fabulous! You put so much spirit into your comments that is changing my game of chess. Your words echoes in my mind when I play chess. Cheers!

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