100% Accuracy. 4 Brilliant Moves.

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  1. The fact that nikolas theodorue barely used any time during this game , makes it almost obvious that this was a full on prepared game, that actually makes it a bit less impressive, being brilliant on the fly is actual brilliancy rather than memorizing, as bobby fisher and hikaru always say

  2. Levi had to use not click bait because I had used so many in the last.

  3. Αφού εμείς εδώ στην Ελλάδα δεν προωθούμε αυτες τις επιτυχίες ας τις κάνει ο κλόουν αυτός τουλάχιστον😂

  4. you know it is statiscically extrememely unlikely that across of of the games shown in the video this 2600 player had an average accuracy of 100%, the probabilities are well below 1% which im sure my fellow chass fans will find interesting


  5. People are mentioning prep and idrk what that is, but can't you also just think about the position whilst your opponents time is going down? Sure it's their move but you can probably think through responses and such in that time

  6. Hi Levy, I’m back from the doghouse. AKA (The wife isn’t home)🙏

  7. omg what a game! One might even be tempted to call it…. interesting… But it's not interesting it's just brilliant!!!

  8. By not allowing him to use the left pieces, he was up by 10+ pts, bc those pieces were basically dead. Incredibly well play!!

  9. So, it's sad to see chess at high level to be. Man just exactly know top computer line and win. May be it is true that chess dying. No interest to see such boring games, ofcourse this moves are incredible but they are nothing, полная хуита, не понимаю восхищения Леви, это уже далеко не шахматы, это пиздец, и это конец шахмат, а не их идеал

  10. Just picked up your book at Barnes and noble and let me just say I’ve never been more excited to read in my life. Love your stuff man you’ve taught me so much

  11. What a Brilliant performance and what a fantastic video, Levy! Very cool reviewing this games in depth, more of this! 👀
    Bravo, Keep it up!

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