Is Hikaru Cheating?? Kramnik “YES!!!”

On November 24 Kramnik tripled down on his accusations.


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  1. No need a PhD in mathematics, just some introduction course to probability, and a bit of common sense

  2. Dear Mr Hikaru, you have every right to defend yourself against accusations. However, I got half of the way through this video and had to stop, because you had literally repeated the same thing dozens of times – that the people producing the stats are actual mathematicians, and that neither you or Kramnik are mathematicians. You need 30 seconds to explain that. Why take 7 minutes repeating it over, and over, and over again? Perhaps you also spent the next 8 minutes just repeating that too? I'll never know. Life is too short. Less is more, dude.

  3. It's hilarious how number of comments on his post went from 250+ to 166. Poor bro just sits there and tries his best to silence everyone.

  4. I think krammnik is trying to get attention

  5. Alright guys kramnik didn't even go through high school …

  6. Can you increase the volume? Its too low

  7. I'm glad you've addressed this fully, and I fully agree with no longer shining a light on this moving forward.

  8. Maybe this is a super awkward post by me. I know nothing about chess, I just like listening to Hikaru bc I like the way he speaks. It's like some sort of ASMR to me. And from an "outside perspective" it sounds a lot like the whole chess community is way more infected than other competing sports communities. Am I wrong? And if not, why do you guys think it is like this? Just curious!

  9. Seeing Kramnik accusing mathematicians as bots, makes me feel that someone accusing him cheating because he didn't play a fool's mate😅

  10. So Kramnik’s basis for this accusation is basically “trust me bro”…

  11. I played Hikaru, in a speedrun against low players. As a 1260 elo player i lost in 36 moves. When i look back at this it was "interesting"🤔😂😂.

  12. Lot of respect lost for Kramnik. Way too much arrogance

  13. Forget statistics, Kramnik doesn't seem to know what a full monty is.

  14. Let's pray that Kramnik, realizing his mistake, will accuse Hikaru of cheating. Hikaru is not only a chess player, he is also a streamer who always entertains us all. There is an interesting perspective on the world of chess, when Hikaru is streaming. Hikaru will become a legend and a world chess legacy

  15. Haikuru:
    Chessboard battle plays,

    Hikaru's mind, a strategy,

    Checkmate whispers grace.

  16. One can be really smart at chess and be otherwise unrouded. This is not just a Kramnik problem but one that keeps popping up in the world.

  17. My conspiracy theory is that the top of chess community decided to create a cheating scandal once a year to maintain popularity and have a source of content for many chess related channels.

  18. inst beating average 2400 is like ezpz for hikaru and top players?

  19. You are handling this very professionally. I hope kramnik stops bashing other people and shows his proof. I mean, why would someone seriously accuse others of cheating without showing all of the existing evidence.

  20. A bit ironic considering how you accused Niemann without any proof

  21. Hikaru, thank you for speaking out and keep responding. This is amazing!


  23. So when is Hikaru filing a lawsuit for say 1billion dollars?!
    I mean if Hans felt he was worth 100 million then Hikaru should claim far more 😎

  24. Let me tell you something as someone who has a PhD on probability theory. The whole calculations that people give assume that those 46 games are independent from each other. This is an understandable assumption because it's very hard to model a dependence using limited data. But the reality is that a single human is usually very bad at behaving independently at different events (games here). Once you play with someone, your next game is not independent from the previous because people learn. So, if Hikaru plays with the same person 10 times in a row, the distribution of the outcome of these games won't be the binomial distribution as we model. As a rule of thumb, the odds would favor the better player, that is, the better player should win more on average than the model estimates, because the better player is supposed to "learn" faster in general. There is also human psychology aspect of this. The opponents know that they play with Hikaru, which usually puts more pressure on them than it puts on Hikaru. So, a 2900 elo can play like a 2900 against someone their level, but might play like a 2800 against Hikaru.

    To sum up, 46 wins out of 47 independent games is about 2% probability for Hikaru's elo. But because the independence assumption is flawed, this might be equivalent to 24 out of 25 wins maybe, which is about 18% probability. I just made up 25 by the way. It's crazy that crazy things happened because of a supposedly 2% event. It's not even rare. It roughly means that if you play 100 games a day, you will get it once a month.

  25. What is happening to that guy Kramnik? Is he having a life crisis? He’s melting down and behaves like a petulant child…😮

  26. It's a pity to see a legend like Vladimir Kramnik destroying his reputation and his spot in the pantheon of chess.

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