100 Elo Chess Ruined My Life

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  1. Good chess players DO indicate intelligence. To say otherwise is to fall into the fake liberal science of equality. We are not all equal. We all deserve equal treatment by the government. But that's not the same thing. The very term "equality" has been bastardized. You know, I know, and everyone else knows that good chess players are always very intelligent.

  2. Though everything happened is hilarious, I especially love how the eval moves reversely at 18:22

  3. My big takeaway here is that Levy's book apparently teaches people how to not poop their pants

  4. joe making monumental strides. best video to date hahaha

  5. "Absolutely every other person that you interact with will respect you much more. Absolutely every other person that you interact with will think that you are an intellectual, a sophisticated form of human being. Now, none of that is justified."
    Levy, you never fail to amaze me with how much of chess psychology can be applied to the rest of the world, with such banger quotes as this. Love it.

  6. For every like in this comment I will do that much push up

  7. bruh this whole video is just shots being fired at the 100s ahhahahahaha i love how he started so serious and is mid way roasting them ahahahahaa

  8. Former 400 rated player here. 3 years later and passed the 2000 barrier a couple weeks ago. You can too!

  9. I respect Joe No question but do you do Content. Thats Not what i wanted to watch.

  10. What elo should you be able to recognize mate in 3?

  11. I am trying bro, but i keep blundering 😢😢

  12. There’s a real gift to bringing relatable drama and analysis with empathy to games at this level. You made it every bit as engaging as a GM match.

  13. 15:53 — I think here white just wanted to prove he knew how to do double checks.

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