Indian Derby: Gukesh v Vidit! Table Topper Anish Faces Ding With Shared Lead | Tata Steel 2024 Rd 9

World Chess Champion Ding Liren returns for the Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee, the first super tournament of 2024! Women’s World Champion Ju Wenjun also plays, alongside the likes of Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa. Watch live—Masters:

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  1. What an incredible doomfest for Max. i predict he will give up chess and become a mime, performing on the streets of Paris in mute testimony to the horror of this day.

    Parham, on the other hand, will continue his work and evolve into a great chef, famous for his tenacity in difficult kitchens and the light, crispy delicacy of his croissants.

    Meanwhile Magnus Carlsen, viewing this game with disgust and uncomprehending disbelief, will realize the pointlessness of chess and renounce his career in the game, instead turning to the construction of intricate, ingenious yet somehow pleasant and approachable paper airplanes.

    And so it goes …

  2. This round of Wijk aan Zee will feed generations

  3. Danya go to more shows, musical or otherwise. Sorry, that's my thing.

  4. "Great chess tournament! Exciting to see top players like Gukesh, Vidit, Anish, and Ding competing. Amazing skills on display! 👏🏼"

  5. Max is too handsome for chess. Bro should do something else

  6. Can anyone explain to me why chess is the only sport where we get to look at the faces of the commentators stirring at their computer screen? It makes no sense! It is a waste of the screen real estate!

  7. A lot of people have said it, but I love the commentating. Naroditsky in particular always uses such fun and colorful phrases I haven't heard before: "Nero fiddles while Rome burns."

  8. That last game was brutal😅. Lost with queen's on board. Winning for so long and not even draw lol, straight loss

  9. These two commentators are just fantastic – knowledgeable, and with a good sense of humor.

  10. I was in the analysis room downstairs in the circus theatre when Max came down the stairs. Due to the 15 minute delay, he still had a winning position on the analysis board, so we assumed he had won and started congratulating him. Truly gut wrenching, but congratulations to the amazing defense of Parham in that one none the less

  11. Stellar commentating from Howell and Naroditsky! One of the best duos in the business, cheers, fellas!

  12. I do feel bad for Max. He played awesomely with his opening and my heart does hurt for him, but Parham coming back from that much disadvantage Is something to be applauded for. Both players did a great match and both made mistakes. But hopefully Max comes back stronger and then fingers crossed Parham continues his great momentum!

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