10,000 Elo Chess

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  1. Anyone else hear him just preaching like a pastor lmao

  2. when he said dusseldorf i thought of phineas and ferb

  3. I do indeed come to hear you say THE ROOK really loudly

  4. Did he say France? 😅 Love you Levy my man

  5. Can we just talk for a second where he channeled mel blanc with that accent

  6. "It's like if the secret service just left the president…" have me in stitches…

  7. 4:20 weed number timestamp has geometry dash reference

  8. 3:32 I believe he move that pawn there to control e4 so that the knight couldn’t go there opening an attack on blacks dark square bishop, while also understanding that if the pawn is taken it will double up whites pawns or open up the center a little more for attack which black severely needs at this point because white has control of the center. That’s just my 1300 elo noob opinion.

  9. random chess person: sacrifice, THE ROOK, THE KNIGHT, THE BISHOP, THE QUEEN, THE KIN-
    his opponent: checkmate

  10. damn bro i was playing rocket league while listening to the video and on 5:30 levy hit me with that. u spying on me bro?

  11. Holy fuck! My head is fucking burning right now!!🔥🔥🔥

  12. I watch the shit out of your videos. Stop saying "THE ROOK" loudly

  13. Did someone mention a German city?

    This comment section is now property of the Federal Republic of Germany

    Ein Volk, eine Nation, eine Kommentarsektion

  14. Bro chess is so popular in my school people literally bring chess boards theyre someotimes even playing chess while the teacher is talking

  15. Düsseldorf is in France. Shit didn’t know that im a French

  16. I just realized Levy has the same chess board as me

  17. 3:10 I'm only about 1000 elo, but I think the idea is so that white doesn't push his pawn and put the bishop in a tight spot, but I might be missing something.

  18. Levy.. stop breaking the 4th wall. Of Course I know what dat.. uhhh.. base is!

    Chat, what's dat.. uhh… base?

  19. I like to hear you scream:
    You: Kd3!!!!!!!!

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