The ONLY Way to Play Chess


  1. Lol
    I just wish you’d noted that this what only part of the whole video in the short, I almost missed the link in the comments!

  2. Hold on one second, Is Jason back in studio c?

  3. The guy blundered… he didnt use the abdication of the throne as a show of weakness.. and drop pampletes on the enemy soldiers about how the head of state just left his soldiers to die.. and just wait for the chaos to unfold.. but well we get to see the space race variation so its good too.

  4. Getting the old studio C vibes again, Love it.

  5. when chess and march & conquer, spend a wild night together.

  6. The "king is abdicating the throne" caught me offguard

  7. I'm a chess coach for elementary school kids this is hilarious I wish my kids would get this, but they're probably a bit young 😂

  8. They just started playing Civilization. This is probably how Civilization was invented actually.

  9. Battle Chess has chanced since last I played…

  10. If only world leaders would just play chess ♟️
    Great sketch!

  11. I guess they were right, the game was as good as over

  12. Never play chess like this there aren't rules for it

  13. I love the part with the Space Race! (Space is one of my autistic special interests) <3

  14. Ne brukajte se, ovo je nekad bio predivan šou.

  15. I might be wrong, but to me, this is a mixture of Chess, Risk, and D&D. Someone please make this a real game!

  16. No game no life chessplay

  17. This made me laugh way more than it should have, haha 😂

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