11 Year Old Magnus’ Out-Of-Nowhere Queen Sacrifice

13 Year Old Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov
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Magnus Carlsen vs Tor Gulbrandsen
Ostlandserien 01/02 div. 1, Asker – Nordstrand (2002), Asker NOR, rd 6, Feb-09
French Defense: Tarrasch. Closed Variation (C05)

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. Ngf3 c5 6. c3 Nc6 7. Bd3 Qb6 8. O-O cd4 9. cd4 Nd4 10. Nd4 Qd4 11. Nf3 Qb6 12. Qa4 Qb4 13. Qc2 Qc5 14. Qe2 Be7 15. Be3 Qa5 16. Bg5 Qd8 17. Qe3 Bg5 18. Ng5 Qe7 19. Rac1 h6 20. Qa7 Rb8 21. Qb8 Nb8 22. Rc8 Kd7 23. Rh8 Nc6 24. Nf3 f6 25. Bb5 fe5 26. Bc6 bc6 27. Ne5 Kd6 28. Re1 Kc7 29. g3 Qb4 30. Re2 d4 31. Rd8 Qb5 32. Rd7 Kc8 33. Re4 c5 34. Rf4 Qd7 35. Nd7 Kd7


0:00 Hello Everyone
00:40 Game Starts!

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  1. What a crazy game. This kid should aim for being a world champion in the future. Hope he becomes one of the most successful Player of all time.

  2. For a few seconds I thought Agad is messing with me as usual when the queen sacrifice came out of nowhere

  3. "young magnus is going to show you how to defend the pawn"
    Great, this is the reason I always play the exchange variation, maybe I can try playing the main line now
    "and he gives it up"

  4. Young Magnus was very aggressive but when he was growing up he converted his playing style into mostly positional to win more games at higher level.

  5. That kid has great future in chess if he continues to play😂

  6. This Carlsen dude has long been a true maestro. If only there was a way of bringing back the Bobby Fischer of the 1970s.

  7. Spectacular at any age. Unbelievable for an 11-year-old.

  8. Magnus had multiple ridiculous games/brilliant queen sacs against Tor as a kid. I feel bad for him.

  9. Whats crazy about that Queen sacrifice is the uncertainty in the endgame. I saw Qxa7, Rb8 and Qxb8 but I wont pursue the line since I am not confident I can hold the two queen pawns. I underestimate the activity of the rook. Brilliant display of creativity from Magnus Carlsen

  10. Nice video and excellent pronunciation of the word Other just a bit after the 7 minute mark … The TH pronunciations for the words other, another and rather can be difficult if/when English is a secondary/more language..

    Nice 👍🙂

  11. 11 year old Magnus is 2100 Elo and 11 year old Abhinav Mishra was 2500 Elo GM, 12 year old Gukesh was 2600 Elo GM… every new generation is more talented than other

  12. #suggestion
    antonio sultan khan recently got a grandmaster title. If possible please cover few games of his.

  13. It's definitely worthy of a Morphy head.
    Ps: When I saw the queen moving all the way to the other side to capture on A7, I was like: "What is this? Are u trying to trick us Antonio?" Just wow👌 for a kid that was a pretty manly move

  14. No, it isn't a word! And let's be grateful…

  15. Wow! Morphy like game.. Truly spectacular!.. Perhaps he didn't have the influence of chess engine than…. Rarely do you see him play such a creative masterpiece now-a-days..

  16. Don't remember seeing a photo of Magnus as a child!

  17. You don't expect an 11-year old to create a work of such beauty. Incredible.

  18. He didn't take young Magnus seriously and was thoroughly punished for it.

  19. "…for those of you able to do it, congratulations on having the mental capacity of an 11-year old, and for those who just want to enjoy the show…"

  20. Thanks Agad for covering the game I suggested 🙂 Pawel

  21. Magus at 11 is more than 10 times better than me as an adult!

  22. Magnus is really a fascinating person… Whether you like him or not, you must agree, that his chess style is priceless… Such a wonderful game. Not many players could find such a sneaky and good idea, what an insane insight of board and position… Nowadays he plays more carefully and also he wents for positions, which are not that hard for him to play, but from time to time, he can still sacrifice everything for attack. He just likes chess a lot and you can see it in his style of play.

  23. Magnus's games are always are treat to watch 👌

  24. I saw your video when it had one view :O

    That's not an achievement it's just kind of neat.

    Love your videos

  25. I don’t wanna be that one kid.. but first!

  26. Wow! That game looked pretty even until the Horse, on cue, wrecked the day!

  27. I saw the firts one but I didn't see the second quenn sac, as always amazing play from magnus 🙂

  28. This 11 year old seems pretty good. Should keep doing this chess thing, he might make it one day.

  29. Seems way to advanced for his age – Kramnik probably

  30. I stopped resigning if I made a dumb move and lost my queen (yes, I'm not a very good player… like 1100). Losing your queen isn't the end of the world.

  31. Please make video on 6 year old Ashwath kaushik beating GM Jacek stopa {youngest to beat GM}

  32. That move was epic.
    You just don't expect a move like that

  33. I did spot the queen sacrifice but didn't calculate all the continuations. I just saw the vulnerability of the queenside pieces and the king to a back rank check and that Qxa7 screws up the coordination of the black pieces sufficiently to threaten significant material gain.

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