GM TITLE???????

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  1. You may not hold the title of GM, but you are a GM to us.

  2. Levy never fails to change titles after few hours

  3. I opened the video to comment
    Something bad for these types of clickbaits
    But unfortunately i couldn't
    I can't hate him😂❤

  4. Hi, there is an app called Chess in play store….can you make a video about it please

  5. Dear Gotham…. If you really want the GM title I recommend Levy Rozman's 'How to win at Chess' book…. Might help…!

  6. Levy has already earned more money from chess than 99% of grandmasters so it's hard to feel sorry for him.

  7. Self depreciation humor is the best one

  8. Gotham’s reaction to losing in Titled Tuesday is healthier than a certain world champion who is getting himself into the chess news. While the GM title is not usually earned by playing blitz, maybe it could be revoked that way. Anyway, Gotham has hope to improve because he sees clearly why he lost.

  9. I can give you lessons to become a GM 😅

  10. Everyone has bad days even the grandmasters. Chess is a mysterious game, one moment you're cruising, the next moment you're losing. But that's why we love it, right?

  11. Weird tone to this video. You can tell this affected you. Bounce back, drink coffee black, don't always sack. Try an ultra conservative game as a cleanser. You're a Good Man.

  12. He never gonna be gm for sure don’t watch if video tittle is like (i am gm, or just gm or something like ths)

  13. IM/GM is there that much difference? Has IM never beaten GM? Doubtful for me. And it does feel like you are GM in covering games atleast.

  14. This man’s humility is on another level! Im now a fan boy lol

  15. Believe it or not the legacy you're leaving behind is far more important than the GM title 👊🏻

  16. Levy : ive never said a curse word in my life 17:36
    Levy streams: are you sure about that ?

  17. Watching your Twitch streams would beg to differ that you've never sworn in your life.

  18. Buffalo has a championship winning pro lacrosse team…its not nfl or nhl but it's something

  19. bro i should make a compilation of clickbait videos of levy saying GM title and then explaining why he loses by stress

  20. I can't believe I bought 2 courses from this guy – what was I thinking?!

  21. gotham couldn't even wait a day to change the title

  22. Just write 'levy' and your comment will be on the top

  23. The last game I thought the rook might of worked on f4, at some time.

  24. Bro does not think he is Hikaru. (He is right)

  25. You curse soooo much in your twitch streams

  26. Nothing you can do, if your coffee doesn't work

  27. Levy could see a therapist to help with his stress during tournaments, do what Ding Liren Did.

  28. Levy is the GM already like he is rlly good and beated anna cramlings mother she was a GM so he can be a GM
    And he is a GM for em already❤❤❤

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