GM TITLE???????

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  1. Levy you're the Zyzz of the chess world. Don't give up! It's okay to fail.

  2. Bad advice , but I'll play 100 bullet games before I get back to my rapid games
    And I'm comfortable with losing bullet elo to practice and improve my elo in rapid and blitz.
    Then when I'm 2 mins down in a rapid game , Im just like eh it's blitz but we are ahead now.

  3. Are you required to play blitz to be a GM ?

  4. But everything you do is probably so much more lucrative, and definitely more helpful than what the GM’s do! You are the best Levy! ❤ Thank you for making me laugh! “…I’m handsome, and I’m really good at chess…”

  5. Good news, GM title doesn't require playing blitz

  6. Yo Shoutout DinaBelenkaya thats HILARIOUS!

  7. NGL Levy's content is so much better when it's his own games. I miss the tournaments he used to break down of himself

  8. *Tears
    You’re a GM to me Gotham

    No h*mo

  9. Bills fan, just caught a stray… even chess youtube isnt safe

  10. In the first game, it's impossible to lose with 3 pawns vs opponent one rook. Just trade bishop off for their last pawn. King and three pawns alone is guaranteed win vs their king + rook. There's nothing they can do.

  11. When I make 1500 Levy will make 2500 and we can both retire 😆

  12. You will make it to a GM. A couple bad steaks won't hold you back.

  13. You can do it bro, you still young af, dont compare yourself to the famous gms who became gms at 14 and 16.
    Look at mr ben finegold

  14. If only there were some way to know which days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. (I don't think astrology cuts it.)

  15. I am from France and i follow you since the very begining of gotham. Don't give up. And you are GM in your explanation and how you share your love of chess!!

  16. 19:56 You're not stupid. It was just anxiety that got you. You're still a champ to me.

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