2 Knights Checkmate Trick

2 Knights Checkmate Trick

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  1. Don’t ask why his three point cut before it touched the rim

  2. Couldnt you mate him without taking the rook

  3. Borat came to teach us chess there at the end

  4. Rook f5

    All plans ruined

  5. Even the King not go Up, just make your Bottom Knight to f7 it's already Checkmate❤

  6. “And it’s not what you’re thinking” Plays the only move I could come up with 😭

  7. Checkmaaxt sounded like a goblin activating his ultimate ability

  8. What if rook takes knight on 1st move

    “King to g7”
    Also me: KNIGHT TO F6

  10. I love the part where he checkmates over everyone

  11. Ye in the perfect scenario even 1 knight can checkmate.. mostnof this was achieved because of the rook

  12. being 600 rating I would have captured back without hesitation

  13. Why is there always these Doctor Strange magic effects when you say let me show you👽

  14. The first time I won a chess game it was with 2 knights 💀 I had no idea what I was doing and neither did the person I was going against 🥸

  15. the way you say checkmate is super annoying

  16. The checkmayyteee ahahahaha i wasn't expecting that voice

  17. You missed chaekmate with knight in the last position

  18. I love your videos man but the way you say checkmate is horrendous 😭😭😭

  19. Please don't stop the checkmate sound, it amazing just too perfect 😂😂😂🔥🔥

  20. Instead of moving the king near the end move the horse on G4 to F6 Chrckmate I think

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