2500 Elo. Lost In 7 Moves.

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  1. Every video of yours I watch, Levy, I’m convinced of one thing. Chess is a lot like football (soccer). Look at the lower-seeded teams in the World Cup, they’re very attack-based, and they might leave holes in their defense. But you get to the teams that are used to competing for the championship (Portugal, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany), many of them play football like a 2500 plays chess. Locked structures on defense, probing questions on offense, slow, methodical build-up of an attack.

  2. I am getting de javu "have you ever seen a queen in jail

  3. I disliked just because of the dumb face in the thumbnail.

  4. Can anyone recommend a good chess book for the squares

  5. what would happen if two bots played the worst move against each other?

  6. This channel has just devolved into Levy grasping at every little bit of content he can get and completely selling out.

  7. From now on we’ll call it “Abasov Gambit”

  8. He said this wasn't a "insane clickbait video" but the GM didn't loose in 7 moves. Like come on… Then he'll change the title to something like "Insane trap against 2500" like it probably should be, but it would be his big brain plan to "play the algorithim"

  9. Damn, first time seeing somebody from my country in this channel. Don't know why but it makes me pretty happy, even though I'm just a beginner (700-800 elo)

  10. dude i lost to martin in 6 moves when i was half asleep 🙂

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