2500 Elo. Lost In 7 Moves.

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  1. Tired of pretending. What's the meaning of elo?

  2. obvious clikbate shutup and stop clickbaing already

  3. Bro i dont even know what you talking bout im 430-500 elo i just watch it for fun

  4. Why are there so many people rating his stares. Is it an inside joke from his stream or something

  5. You just don't deserve to get this much views on such a boring content.eww sksksksksk

  6. Today's stare was fast but shocking enought that we were able to feel the distance between our souls. 7/10

  7. Hi levy another great video to brighten my long day!

  8. Cmon man i never had a brilliant move. Stop posting videos about brilliant moves!!!

  9. 👇if you voted for levy for chess streamer of the year.

  10. lightskin stare at the beginning, dont make me blush mr

  11. I am so happy that it isn't another video milking magnus

  12. I have “won” a chess game in four moves. My opponent (around 350) resigned after I took his knight.

  13. act like i said something funny so gotham chess can notice me okay?

  14. Why is the comment section full of comments about Levi's stare? It's getting old.

  15. Decent stare today, very direct and straight to the point 7/10

  16. Thank you gotham, for such a good content today, i love your video and watch it every day
    ps:I have grown around 700 rating after buying your course,from a 700-1400now

  17. He asking me "what percent is that "?💀
    Me Who finds hard to find 10% of 300

  18. Ah yes Azerbaijan, my favorite European country.

  19. Ur chess elo is lower than the number of years ago Ur dad left

  20. Dang didn't know grandmasters could blunder 😨

  21. I can tell already the guy of 2600 elo will win, Gothamchess would not miss an oportunity to clickbait us and use in the title 2600 instead of 2500, dissapointing

  22. 5/10 todays stare was a bit dull and short, I didn’t think I was being looked into my soul

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