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0:00 Intro
1:02 Game 1
7:54 Game 2
15:08 Game 3
20:50 Game 4
28:15 Game 5

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  1. 2350 NM hangs queen in 1 move, there is hope for us bozos everywhere

  2. K, I was enjoying, and right into this video, and bursting out laughing numerous times…… and then you had to go all mono, calm, boring tone! I almost exited the video after 10 seconds of that! Don't ever do that LEVY! mmkay lol 😆

  3. I'm here for the "sophisticated viewer" impression! Lmao as I'm commenting you're doing Mackey from south park too! 😂 You're the man Levy, much love!!

  4. Honestly this is truly one of the best series on Youtube, chess player or not.. the commentary is hilarious. Big bonus if you play chess because you LEARN!!!! I'm almost rated 1200 because of watching these videos.

  5. Game 2 looks so similar to a lot of my games. I only play the daily games (7 days or 14 days per move) but often get several moves per day, sometimes per hour. Am rated low 1200s myself but that game being 1000 makes so much sense to me – i still lose to people rated around that myself sometimes!

  6. That final queen blunder making Levy go from enthusiastic teacher to simply depressed in a second, followed by the players' ELO reveal has to be one of the best conclusions of the series

  7. Great Intro! Feel the Energy! Buckle up! Lets go!

  8. Too funny…..and I thought I blundered a bit….

  9. i enjoy ur content so much. keep it up ur the best <3

  10. What a SELLOUT! You stopped guess the elo when it was no longer popular but as soon as the chess BOOM happened all of a sudden it’s guess the Eli again??! Gues you never cared about you’re fans and ONLY THR MORNY!!!!💰💰
    Grow up!!

  11. Levy at the beginning of game 2: We got some very high level stuff here

    Levy at the end of game 2: you absolute bozos!

  12. That second game was incredible. They played like Levy then all of a sudden hung literally everything😂

  13. im 600 and i promise they dont play bad i wish i got that 900 in every game

  14. "don't play the vienna, play the italian"
    me a 1000 rated playing vienna gambit and not knowing why people dont respond with the normal lines

  15. I am relatively new to this channel and its my first "guess the Elo" and i have to say its been an amazing journey


  17. I agree with 99% of what levi says, but if I could have 21 seasons of my favorite show I'd be happy.

  18. This really is the best serie on all the internet

  19. first two games led to two thoughts:

    "A Ruy Lopez at 900?"



  20. Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long!🎉

  21. Imagine being an IM grinding day and night to get to a very respectable rating of 2700 all the while being taunted by GMs about never being good enough to become a GM just to watch the last game, where a 2350 just casually hung their queen with more than a minute and a half on the clock in a winning position. "Okay" is right Damn..

  22. Bro played Botez Gambit and he's 2350 🤣🤣

  23. Happy because there’s more Guess The Elo, sad because there wasn’t a terrifying stare

  24. the 300's in the chat dying of laughter while their average game has 69 blunders

  25. Too many repetitions of the same word when you are stuned. OMG, 1000? its starting to be annoying if you say it too much 😀

  26. Please give conclusion bro… We are watching in 144p😂

  27. If Game 2 is too surprising for him, I think I should send him some of my games 😂😄

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