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0:00 Intro
1:02 Game 1
7:54 Game 2
15:08 Game 3
20:50 Game 4
28:15 Game 5

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  1. I was a 282 when I played a brilliant move!

  2. Amazing how a chess video is trending on gaming

  3. Hey Levy, can you make a video on the Smith Morra gambit or Bb5+ or Bb5 against the sicilian?

  4. Watching gotham chess while playing chess is truly the most chess chess can chess

  5. First game actually surprised me. I am like 750 and I thought it was way below my rank since some od the mistakes were just…yeah

  6. and me who thought 11 consecutive wins against 900 players was something

  7. Just the sheer disappointment in Levy’s face in the last game. 😅

  8. 14:20 why surprised? All the rest were so dumb moves. I would have even guessed 400

  9. My thought on game 2 is it's a smurf going for funny shit

  10. LOL. Another proofs that "openings mean nothing" if you're below 2200 or so

  11. 32:23 bro made a second queen and safely tucked it to bed beside the rook and proceeded to casually checkmate with the other one

  12. Just wanna say

    Levy is one of those "Watch-while-eating-and-chilling" tier youtubers, who else agrees?

  13. Levy ur really who makes all the difference with your demeanor

  14. I'm 90% sure I've seen game 3 in a very old guess the elo. I remember the very thematic blunder on bxa3+ and an identical endgame where the rook was sacrificed. It just annoys me that I can't find the original video.

  15. I know the kids love the trolling attitude of these but if you're over 13 it's just annoying. There is way to do this series and actually make it instructional.

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