2800 Rated Fabiano Looks To Crush The Field As Hikaru Seeks Win #1! FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 Rd 3

Caruana, Nakamura, Giri, Gukesh & Praggnanandhaa are among the stars in action in the FIDE Grand Swiss on the Isle of Man, with the top two qualifying for the 2024 Candidates. Watch the games:

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  1. Shirov should have played Qc1+ and then promote game over

  2. Once King is on a2 it's a draw = but with presence of white a3 pawn Black cannot pin the g7 pawn from.a1-h8 diagonal that's why blk is lost

  3. they stopped streaming at the most important moment on such thematic amazing queen endgame

  4. 6:09:44 Leko agrees: What an advanced concept: have the clocks show you the time you actually have. As soon as you hit the clock on move 40 or 60 you have earned extra time, which should show up immediately . What they do instead is so completely idiotic it boggles the mind….

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