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  1. So that is the reason you are an IM… 😮

  2. I played against a baby and played the opening and the I bribed the baby

  3. Bro is gonna be found in his bath 'accidentally' drowned.

  4. With this tips I be better than Magnus Carlsen.😂

  5. The levy side we never thought we will see

  6. I can beat magnus Carlson by bribing him 😂

  7. Okay but how am I suppose to win againist myself but smaller I mean size doesn't matter right?

  8. I played against Baby Magnus using this, but I still lost!!!

  9. Played the caro -kann against a baby and even brides them, still lost
    What do I do now 🗣️🔥🔥?

  10. Раньше я за чёрных играл 4 коня и выигрывал с неплохимии шансами, но с тех пор, как я начал играть каро-канн, я начал проигрывать почти все игры за чёрных. Я понятия не имею, почему все считают этот опенинг таким хорошим.

  11. Instructions unclear: Lost $50 and continued to lose the game 😂

  12. Till this day, he still manajes to roast us

  13. Bribing a baby to win a chess game while using a strong chess opening must be the most pathetic thing to

  14. Pro tip : don't use these tips in a rated tournament..there is lot of mosquito in the jail👍

  15. “2. Caro Kann”

  16. Instructions unclear : Opponent is Hikaru

  17. fun fact, the inventors of the caro lost approximately 90% of their games (combined) using the opening😊

  18. I would resign if you give me one dollar.

  19. I mean you played with a kid .. How did it went 😂

  20. Loses a world cup chess match*

    Pulls out 50 dollars*

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