Kramnik Continues Attack on Hikaru!!!!

The next day, Kramnik went even further on his blog on about Hikaru having “interesting” stats and he says there will be MORE!


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  1. All you have to do to discredit Kramnik is cherry pick his winstreak and show improbable that is. Roast his ass for cherry picking statistics instead of taking an actual sample size.

  2. Levy next video : less guess kramnik math elo

  3. Hikaru should sue kramnik for this serious accusations.

  4. What Kramnik said in the statement is so stupid I can't believe it's not a shitpost

  5. Before you slander someone's name, character, and reputation with groundless allegations you better have some sort of proof otherwise you're going to look foolish.
    And ranting on a forum doesn't cut it nor does mathematical odds and probability.

  6. Did Hikaru just use chess elo to measure mathematical hierarchy? 🤣

  7. It is very statistically likely that Hikaru is cheating. The only way that someone would reach his ELO would be if he were among the top 2 or 3 blitz players in the world, which we can all agree is very unlikely. I've never met a top 3 blitz player, have you? So yeah… statistics. Anyway, sure, the top chess players who play for money should receive stronger scrutiny, which is a valid point, but that was not the original accusation. It would be more productive to focus on procedures that could be improved and calling out events that do not have strong anti-cheat measures in place. Likewise, it would also be useful to 'show your work' on how you came to these conclusions so that the calculations could be scrutinised, rather than relying upon an argument to dubious authority.

  8. I'm enjoying how Kramnik's jealous and baseless attacks against Hikaru are actually raising Hikaru's followers and overall visibility. Not many viewers, if any, truly believe Hikaru is cheating! This only makes Kramnik and IAN look like little kids pissed off at the fact they are not as good at chess as they wish they were.

  9. We all know that virtually all Russians are inveterate liars that are incapable of telling the truth!
    So the likes of GMs Kramnik, Dubov or Nepomniatchi calling GM Nakamura a "cheat" clearly equates
    to the fact that the latter totally trustworthy Grandmaster is the only one among them
    that plays the game with total honestly.

  10. The only way to know for sure is if Hikaru allows a cavity check…

  11. One does not need to be a great mathematician to understand Kramnik's fallacy. It's hard to believe that Kramnik really doesn't get it.

  12. Kramnik and the Russians know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They know Hikaru isnt cheating but they also know Hikaru is relatively weak psychologically speaking and cracks when his head isn’t in the game. (Example- every time he plays Magnus he makes big blunders lol) so now every time Hikaru plays the Russians and such, he’s not 100% mentally in the game with his mind on the accusations

  13. Is Kramnik suggesting Chess is a 60-40 game and there shouldn't ever be extreme win streaks?

  14. Hello All

    Technically Hikaru is cheating, he is using headphones and certain music has been known to increase your concentration.

    "As a musician and Harvard neuroscientist, I've found that "familiar music," or songs that you enjoy and know best, are the most effective for maximizing concentration." From a Harvard Neurologist.

    So, if you are listening to music while playing games that involve money, especially, or ratings, that is cheating.

    There are many ways to cheat and increasing your concentration with music is the same as taking drugs to enhance your performance.

    I am not happy Hikaru actually cheats, he probably doesn't know he is cheating….

    Now, I have mentioned previously, all modern players cheat, some can remember engine lines, some can remember positional strategies.

    However headphones are not allowed in OTB games, and people are checked for devices, sometimes.

    As to whether headphones should be allowed in online games, even though it is cheating, it is same as playing from your familiar house instead of in an uncomfortably large hall where a large group of people can gather around you and distract you. So certain know cheating methods should be allowed in online, with the privso that they are known cheating methods, which are acceptable.

    As to how much listening to your own music maximises concentration, I would say it may add as much as 100 ELO. Maybe someone can verify experimentally. Same as "streaming" from your house vs "streaming" from a haunted house… etc

    To compensate, I suggest the following, person wearing headphones gets -50 ELO rating for assisted playing. As in their highest rating has an automatic -50 next to it. Until someone works out the correct figure.

    Matthew Groom
    Chosen BY God
    Nothing to do with religion, religion is wrong.

  15. When he says 45.5 out of 46, by definition, it means you went 45.5 out of 48. Because you had to have lost the game before and after or the streak would have been longer.

  16. Kramnik be sucking on hikaru's nibbles like a baby cow sucking on their mother, keep it up❤

  17. This is just like when Hans was accused, everyone was finding new math to prove their point. Statistics will never prove or disprove anything in these matters.

  18. This problem does not require a degree, Kramnik is just so so wrong, It is quite literally high school level math (at least in Canada lol).

  19. I mean, being one of the best chess players is statistically very unlikely

  20. I do believe there are lot cheaters online. However, I don’t think Hikaru is cheating. Vlads statement was ridiculously wrong.

  21. You need to look for that intermezzo against him😂

  22. Kramnik have learn statistics from pharmaceutical Corps: is safe you have only 7% of chances of fatal consequences that will never happens. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  23. Kramnik knows he messed up but he is too embarassed to admit his ineptitude sohe is going all out with his stupidity

  24. Let them check your ass every game hikaru. 😂😂

  25. Kramnik was a student at the Humanities Institute of Novgorod State University, but was expelled due to systematic non-attendance and academic debt. Math and statistics are certainly not for Kramnik; they are are much hsrder comparing to moving pieces along a 64-square board.

  26. Hikaru is basically saying “sit down grandpa, get back on your meds you’re delusional”

  27. I suspect that GM Kramnik has his heart in the right place, and believe he’s asked mathematicians about it. A possible explanation would be that he only submitted the win streak data of 46 games for analysis, making for “a garbage in garbage out” conclusion. If he handed them a week of data, a month of data, and the year to date data the conclusions reached by his mathematicians might be very different.

  28. I said something similar to gothamchess a year or two ago. He made a joke that some sub-1500 ELO player claimed he saw a correct move along the lines of "no you didn't". I pointed out that if you have 20,000 such players watching, it's not out of the question for a comparatively low ELO player to consider a move arbitrarily, then notice it's good and/or believe it's good based on faulty understanding (but it's nevertheless the best move).

    This comes up in other games too. There's a roguelike I play a lot where a lot of inexperienced players lose "because they get unlucky". You encounter tens of thousands of monsters per run; if you accept a 0.5% to 1% chance of death routinely, probability is expected to catch up and punish it!

  29. It's below 1%! It can't be possible!

    Gacha player: 😱😱

  30. everything is according to krammik math. until a real mathematician step in. 😂

  31. File a defamation suit against Kramnik. Make him defend his position in court

  32. I love that he addresses this instead of letting it lie

  33. Kramniks problem is that he dont understand the statics which he is given by his crew, if they say for example: the chance for an event occurs of 40 games is 1% it doenst mean it can not be it bassically says if you play 100 times 40 games it is very likely to happen. If he can prove a massive overperformace of hikaru from time to time that occurs more often to the other top players on the plattform based on his elo that would be intressting but that he very likely cant find because hikaru is not cheating and so he have to cherry peak.
    In a casino when someone plays with a chance of 1:37, he is not cheating by winning twice in a row it is just simple math 37×37,…

  34. You have to be a moron to cheat if you are top 10 on the planet. Why in the world would they risk their livelyhood and their legacy.

  35. You should challenge him to an over the board game in the nude 😍

  36. Angry narsesistic nerds you are making chess cringe…

  37. how can u even cheat in blitz you would run out of time before u won

  38. “This mathematician is like a 2700 at math while Kramnik is clearly a 500” 😂 Hikaru always with the best slams

  39. Kramnik keeps invoking these “mathematician” consultants he has, but never actually quote them, or have them speak about this directly. Everyone knows there is cheating, and they it’s bad enough for everyone to be cautious, but this is not the way to go about it.

  40. It's funny…I just took a peek at the Vladimir Kramnik blog and managed to read the kramnik post when booooom!!!!!!!!!!! All the other posters like word piranha skabadabeiblioduddy they just going off!!! And while some of it is coherent and makes good points you have to search through all the crud whilst thinking to yourself hmmm these guys are chessplayers too…. It doesn't look very good

  41. I remember Kramnik being accused of cheating by Topalov and his manager Danilov, so it seams hypocritical for him to accuse stablished players, when the whole chess world supported him back then, precisely because of how consistent he had been through his career.

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