Kramnik Continues Attack on Hikaru!!!!

The next day, Kramnik went even further on his blog on about Hikaru having “interesting” stats and he says there will be MORE!


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  1. Saying Kramnik is a mathematician is like saying a politician truly care for his voter or like saying that w h o r e s truly love their customers

  2. like if you want hikaru story reading only youtube channel

  3. Plot twist: Hikaru has been the one using anal plugs chess engine all this time.

  4. What Kramnik doesn't realize is that his statistics is based on events that are not correlated. This doesn't hold for a session of blitz games. People get TILTED. If you lose 5 games in a row, then you will have higher probability of losing a sixth. Compare with the Fischer vs Larsen match. Psychology is involved so you cannot use the same probabilities.

  5. I used to admire Kramnik, now he's just a delusional loser and grumpy old man

  6. Playing below average and still winning, that's cheating rofl

  7. I like Daniel Dubov and I had no idea he has been in suck drama just wow

  8. has he never watched you stream? like when exactly are you supposed to be cheating cause you seem kinda busy talking non stop while playing fast chess

  9. "Having checked Hikaru's statistics carefully, I have found NUMEROUS low probability performances… below one precent…"

    Buddy. The man has played 35000 games. By definition, if you comb through for unlikely events, you will find them. Your nameless "professional mathematicians" don't know shit about statistics, evidently.

    @8:05 Even looking at those two days in their entirety would tell you nothing. Hikaru has been playing online chess for… well, let's extremely low ball it and say a decade, so 3500 days. That means that you would expect about 17.5 1% unlikely days, or about 17.5 2% unlikely pairs of days. If you select for the days on which Hikaru had high ratings, you would of course see an overrepresented portion of those exceptional days.

    Edit: oh cool, there's a fully written up response from a mathematician saying what I'm thinking lmfao

  10. Statistics are only as valid as the assumptions that go into them. In this case, Kramnik has no idea what he's talking about and the analysis is pure junk.

  11. Kramnik probably saw Steph Curry make 100 3's in a row and thought he was cheating too LMAOOO

  12. People misunderstand batch likelihood, all… the…time.. if you have a set of 200 sets of 50 events, having 1-2 sets hit 1% likelyhood is expected, not unusual.

  13. Man…kramnik is so out of touch with the modern chess scene, not to mention the modern world.
    He just doubled down on his stupidity

  14. Kramnik is blitzing his way to tainting a very good chess career

  15. That's the best thumbnail ever! 😂 Mathematics will always claim it's victims, including the honorable gentleman that's Kramnik.

  16. I don't understand Kramnick was the one who literally said that there is a mathematical discrepancy between Hikaru and Magnus vs the rest because their games are so over checked that as soon as someone cheats against them they get insta banned compared to others who get cheated against, often the cheater isn't even punished! So of course cheaters turn off the engine against Magnus, Hikaru and Danya, because they just get banned if they don't that's why these players are able to outperform their expected performances over a long period of time because if you play a cheater who has 2900 elo who's actually 2600 without the engine like obviously they will just get slapped and the expected score will be wrong, KRAMNICK was the one who explained all of this on a podcast has he forgotten about it??

  17. I want everyone he accused to play him OTB and destroy Kramnik. His arguments are just like saying after getting 1 win your win rate is 100%

  18. Ηikaru is cheating, in a parallel universe.

  19. Kramnik has always been delusional…just look at his post game anlaysis interview after Ding game – he can't see when he's wrong. He's just channeled that delusion into becoming an elite chess player over his stellar career.

  20. Я подозревал, что Крамник туповат, теперь в этом убедился окончательно.

  21. please don’t mention eric anymore, he gets double digit thousand views and the only time he gets attention is when you mention him or he mentions you. Just let him expire in obscurity.

  22. i love all the drama, but i also miss chess videos

  23. I don't know much about statistics but I've had my fun around the internet reading posts by conspiracy groups / spreaders of fake news, and it's crazy how much kramnik sounds like them

  24. Why don't you invite him (Kramnik) for a blitz match over the board? I guarantee that after the match he'll shut his mouth up!

  25. I think you may have slander suit if does not stop!

  26. Gavel down. Case closed. Not guilty.

  27. Randomly flipping a coin is not even a fair comparison – you have to control for Hikaru's skill, which is as though one side of the coin were much better at getting chosen than the other.

  28. To be fair, the overwhelming majority of people are bad at understanding probabilities.
    Hell, there are people who have been sent to prison with bad math interpretations.

  29. Dude currently on another 40+ streaks. Probably every week he does this. At least we get some entertainment!!

  30. 500 ELO mathematicians suck at calculating probability.

  31. Russians are really on a rampage this year.

  32. I must be biased, because I am far more perturbed about this absurd accusation than I have any right to be.

  33. Kramnik is just making diss tracks for clout

  34. Introducing: MATH ELO. Important reference values: Middle school: 501 (Grade A); High school: 1500 (Grade A), University: 2500 GM (Grade A); Doctorate in math and statistics: 3000 GM (Cum Laude)

  35. Great response. The absurdity of the aspersions by Kramnik. I'm a mathematician and it disturbs me deeply to see people making assumptions and accusations based on misunderstandings and high school statistics. The ELO rating is just a static estimate of a dynamically changing relative strength. Probabilities are then based on the logistic distribution which is not even a perfect fit to the data. To even begin to think one can accurately ascertain probabilities of tail events occurring on a small sample set is incredibly misguided.

  36. funny thing, i was just seeing the video were you acuse Luis Paulo Supi of cheating, great brazilian gm btw

  37. i think it is mind game before candidates to lost your focus.. coz ur a threat.. just ignore that old dude

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