3 Rules That Will Change YOUR Chess Forever! [Expert SECRETS & TIPS]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the 3 most important chess rules (key ideas) that will help you play like an expert chess player. These are universal chess rules, therefore you will be able to find the best moves in ANY position and improve your game very quickly!

You will learn when to exchange pieces and when not to, how to find proper attacking moves and create problems for your opponents, and most importantly, you will learn when and how to calculate during a chess game.

► Chapters

00:00 3 Universal Rules to Improve Your Chess
00:36 Example-1: How would you play here?
01:16 Rule-1: To take is a mistake
03:02 Rule-2: Create problems for your opponent
04:34 Example-2: Bg5 pin on your knight
05:04 Rule-2 extension: Offense is the best defense
06:19 Example-3: Can you find the best move?
07:19 Rule-3: Calculate when there is tension between pieces
08:13 Forcing moves: Captures, checks, and attacks

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  1. I had that "what the eff just happened" face when the moves were revealed in the end… !

  2. I'd never heard "to take is a mistake" until you said it…and just by following that one thing, I've been getting stronger. Now I ask the question…am I helping my opponent? Does my opponent want to get rid of this piece because it is hindered? I love it. Thanks!

  3. Offense is defense, and defense is the most important thing. Makes sense but also feels like it doesn't.

  4. I am a beginner and I am not saying this is the best option but at 5:50 you could have moved your pawn at h7 to h6 so their bishop would have to take pawn but if i did the rook would take the bishop if I am wrong please correct me

  5. I agree with the 1st rule 100%, but into the certain position maybe we can have some compensation for it, because we are going to create isolated pawn.

  6. This will help my game – which isn't saying much 🤔

  7. Great video thanks! I’m always playing too passively

  8. Wooow, these 3 rules changed my whole game instantly. I am back to enjoying it.

  9. This is excellent stuff, making you think a layer deeper

  10. 3:52
    With this example surely black will just use his pawn to capture the white bishop once white takes black's horse? Why would black use the queen?

  11. Nice, seeing 5 moves ahead is really cool. My dad was into chess, big time. I was playing chess by 7 years old. My dad played Bobby Fischer at a chess club in Chicago, where Bobby went from table to table, and was blindfolded, so he made all his moves by knowing where every piece on the table was without looking, which is extremely impressive.My dad got down to the last pawn, and Bobby won, but the point of this is that my dad taught me to play the same way you are teaching, to always look for an attack to keep the pressure on, and to always have a strong defense.Always think of defense 1st. Great video, I really enjoyed it.

  12. you are the best teacher i have found online

  13. You have the most useful chess videos ever!!! I just got from 1300 to 1500 in blitz by learning some of the opening lines you show in your videos. And I remained at 1500. Thanks.

  14. tutorial for upgrading yourself from 250 to 300 and then back to 200

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