Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen World Blitz 2022 | Commentary by Sagar

Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen are two of the finest blitz players in the history of the sport. At the World Blitz Championships 2022, they were pitted against each other in the 8th round. Both of them were in the lead, so this was a crucial round. We bring you the encounter which gives you a close-up of the various emotions of both the players along with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why is putting old games .. and doing dranatic commentary …all looks so freaking cheap

  2. Why waste time on a draw game. Aren't there interesting games being played.

  3. just love sagar sir s commentary pleas upload more videos sir

  4. Top chess grandmasters.😎
    Result:-It's a draw.😅

  5. It’s always a delight to watch their games against each other. Their rivalry is much like the historic rivalries between chess players like Kasparov-Kraminik, Spassky-Fischer, etc

  6. Nikaru Hakamura is the best player I have ever saw

  7. When hikaru is frustrated or irritated about something it's really adorable to look 😂😂😆

  8. Why is Magnus wearing the funny white socks ⁉️

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