30 BISHOPS vs 30 KNIGHTS | Chess Memes #12

30 BISHOPS vs 30 KNIGHTS | Chess Memes #12
END THIS DEBATE!! WHO IS BETTER???? The following game contains funny blunders and a brilliant move!


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This channel is inspired by my favorite youtuber Top Chess I love making video about chess and memes. I make commentary for funny chess games, with blunders, brilliant moves and checkmates.


  1. bishops are stronger but in the classic chess, knights are way better due to their early game ability to fork pieces and defend pawns even though rooks, queens, and bishops are better in endgames.

  2. This is soo funny! Absolutely LOVE YOUR content! You deserve your fame !<3

  3. Do not steal words from my favorite channel that plays chess

  4. bro had some seriously good moves that didn't make😭

  5. Multiple bishops are better than multiple knights. But One v One Knights are better because they can move to every square.

  6. Just know I was here before top chess and him collaborate

  7. Knight You F**ing Dumb** Piece of S*** Queen ain't playing

  8. What the name of the game pls
    Note : what the kind of the game,i search chess and so many type of chess in playstore

  9. Horsey vs Bishop the best episode all time

  10. Things you thought were true never were. says:

    Bishop vs Knights.
    Hmmm, TopChess should see this.

  11. 𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 says:

    3:29 You goofball you dunglehead you mashed potato brain idiot you piece of shi-

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