The Top 10 Fastest Checkmates To Win At Chess

From Scholar’s mate to winning with the Englund Gambit, @JamesCantyIII breaks down the 10 quickest ways you can checkmate your opponents in chess!

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Budapest Defense Smothered Mate
2:34 – Englund Gambit Mate
5:08 – Owen’s Defense (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
6:32 – Italian Game Smothered Mate
8:06 – Caro-Kann Defense Smothered Mate
9:01 – Bird’s Opening (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
10:22 – Dutch Defense (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
11:15 – Scholar’s Mate
12:06 – Grob’s Attack (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
12:47 – Fool’s Mate
13:18 – Outro

You can find all the checkmates here and you can analyze them:

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  1. Can we please talk about incorrect
    Draw By Stalemate. I’m ready for smashing my iPhone off the wall. 😤

  2. thanks for removing the only good part of review from the free version that we already can only use once a day.

  3. Stunning, smothered explanation👍 I loved it❤ enjoyed watching here. Ur awesome man👍

  4. You missed the wayward queen bongcloud checkmate
    1. e4 e5
    2. Qh5 Ke7
    3. Qxe5#

  5. 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Ke2 Qe4# Finish the video with a miniature chess line with a gold key. Congratulations FM James Canty. 🙄🤔👍

  6. I love this guy's energy, you should have him on more!

  7. As a chess grandmaster with 266 ELO, I see this as an absolute win

  8. Give me a diamond membership ID:- souravkumar69

  9. I don't understand 1 at checkmate pawn easily capture knight….anyone knows about it

  10. Before i was playing with somebody and i really want to play the englund gambit mate but the opponent instead move the knight and i play ng6 the opponent play ng5 then i play nxf7 its a check and the only legal move is qxf7 and the opponent resign

  11. My hamster just hit 2600 chess is getting too easy.

  12. this is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb video . I AM SRI LANKA KID

  13. I did fool's mate once in a tournament. The players in the game next to me thought it was scholar's mate. My opponent said he practiced all week trying to avoid it.

  14. Im not good at chess. But at 4:45 when the queen takes the bishop that seems like a way to lose the game. Instead white should have taken the bishop with knight. Then white queen can defend against black queen. Or is this going to be an inevitable defeat when playing good players because you are going to be a piece down after trading.

  15. The Caro-Kann check is defensible with pawn taking the knight. There's no defensive check for the knight moving into check. Am I an idiot?

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