37 years ago it already happened! Duda vs Carlsen | Global Chess League 2023

Duda and Carlsen, two arch rivals of each other sat down opposite each other at the Global Chess League 2023. Carlsen playing for the SG Alpine Warriors and Duda for the Chingari Gulf Titans. What happened in this encounter? Suffice it to say that what these two amazing players played had already been played 37 years ago! Check out the game with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 1:14 Simple chess ??? With Magnus carlsen❤😂😂

  2. you really know in the middle game that it will end up in draw or not.

  3. really love this series of commentary over the video… need more of this

  4. Los europeos y asiáticos no saben dar la mano al saludar y al perder

  5. Sagar: Magnus always loves to fight he never likes to draw a game, So he gives a check, and check again and agree to a draw

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