IM Eric Rosen Doesn’t Know He’s Playing 2500 FM! IM Eric Rosen vs FM Dan The Man

FM Dan The Man has an online rating of 2500! Will it prevail over IM Eric Rosen???
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  1. no way nice seeing you guys have eric rosen over cant wait to see him play london hehe

  2. 10:41 g5=H5 then h5=H2 nothing white could do. Great game tho fellas 👏🏽

  3. How much magnus may be strong compared to these guys 💪💪👍😱

  4. Maaaan, the best chess channel ever. Gotta visit you guys for chess game sometime!

  5. we need game between Irene and Danny The Destroyer! (Opponent after Archer Ari in previous video)

  6. Eric hiding the pain after two declined Staffords

  7. 1:53 – this lurking creep again. Someone tell him he's in the shot (tho, I'm sure he knows)!

  8. Eric just loves that Stafford gambit, which Dan cautiously declined. However, Eric also has tons of experience with the Stafford declined, and Eric's …g5 was a scary looking way to use White's h3 pawn as a hook for a dangerous looking attack on Dan's king. In the final stages of the game, Dan didn't have much clock time left, but you could see by the great speed of his moves that he is indeed a very experienced blitz player.

  9. Morphy Bob looking super suss picking up some new (chess) lines from his dealer over there
    Miss him on the channel by the way

  10. where is the place to play ? wish to come play one day.

  11. Based on the last 150 titles of the videos…. is there somebody who knows he is playing IM, GM, FM or Mike? 😛

  12. Super great game! The level of playing was terrific!

  13. I love how Rosen gave Dan two chances to play into the Stafford.

  14. At 4.25 ish he moved the knight backwards instead of forwards to cover the spot in front of the kingside queen.

  15. Well I was surprised by the white knight move at 4'14. I checked with the engine and my intuition seems to be okay : White should take the pawn on F7 with the light square bishop. The black rook recaptures, and the white queen gobbles the knight.
    I am happy to have found this move because I am low rated. Silly me !

  16. I can't believe he missed the tactic. Maybe he just didnt want to lose the bishop. I saw it right away.

  17. The guy in the green Farmer's Market hoodie has to go…

  18. the stafford gambit is forced, erics opponent should lose automatically

  19. its a little bit weird that a 2500 player doesnt know this dangerous attack of black in this position. he should avoid that.

  20. At 9.26 white could've guaranteed a queen.

  21. Rosen knew he was playing a strong player. Otherwise, he would have been given a time handicap

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