4.4 Million Players – SAME MISTKAE 😮

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  1. Bc4 is not a mistake, no

    It’s a subpar/moderate inaccuracy but it leads to a dead equal position, whereas other moves are like +.2 or +.3 which is almost nothing anyways

  2. we aren’t going to ask about the people who do bishop c4 and instead let’s ask about the people who do the brilliant pawn to d4 snatching away the center and offering a knight trade, except if they accept the knight trade my queen controls diagonals and if they run away it’s either run back to the original square or run to my territory where I can organize and charge more of my pieces to attack their horsey

  3. The first time I got hit with this I analyzed it and never made the mistake again lol I’ve used it as black though

  4. please stop using the ai art in your thumbnails it just looks weird

  5. In the position at 2:46, ironically the best move is …g5. Looks crazy to be opening up the king like that, but with the lead in development, white will not have time to get an attack in before he gets destroyed.

  6. If you really want to play Bc4, just play the Italian game!

  7. 8 billion people – SAME MISTAKE
    Writing Mistkae

  8. This entire video could have been a youtube short

  9. they made a chess mistake but you made a spelling mistake on the title

  10. Tried the Halloween gambit 10 times and nobody fell for it.

  11. I love playing the halloween gambit against unsuspecting players in my chess club. They look at you like you're crazy, then you push all their material back and they're left with one developed knight. Stronger players will sometimes just let you capture the knight you're chasing in order to get back to development.

  12. I love how the word "mistake" is a mistake in the title

  13. Pawn to D3, Raw aggression. I'm not a an 1800, Nelson just massively underestimated his audience. 😅

  14. Fellow Halloween gambiters, rise up! all 2 of us!

    anyway my entire opening repertoire has been exposed, thanks Nelson!

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