ChatGPT Continues its Training with Hikaru

Hikaru once again tries to teach ChatGPT to play chess. The initial game can be found here:

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  1. Probably better if Hikaru would have specified what move was the AI actually doing. ChatGPT only knew Hikaru's moves. Hikaru never told AI what move of the provided list he was doing on the board

  2. This was against gpt3.5, you need to play against gpt4. Also, for it to be fair you shouldn't be able to look at the board, just like ChapGPT can't.

  3. Hikaru Battles ChatGPT in Chess
    In this video, Hikaru Nakamura, a professional chess player, attempts to play a game of chess against ChatGPT, an AI language model. In the past, ChatGPT was unable to play a complete game without making illegal moves, but they have been told that it is now possible. Hikaru starts by asking ChatGPT if it wants to play a game of chess, and although it cannot play physical games, it offers to help Hikaru learn how to play. They proceed to play a game of chess, with Hikaru making the moves on the board and ChatGPT responding with its moves.

    General Gameplay and Analysis
    0:15 – Hikaru introduces the video and explains the objective of the game.
    1:15 – Hikaru starts playing the game by making the first move, and ChatGPT responds with its move.
    2:00 – Hikaru makes his third move, and ChatGPT provides general information about the move and its purpose.
    3:10 – ChatGPT makes a move that is not the main line, and Hikaru comments on its rarity.
    4:15 – Hikaru takes a knight with his knight, and ChatGPT responds with a slightly inaccurate comment about the exchange.
    5:10 – ChatGPT takes Hikaru's knight, and Hikaru comments on the resulting position.
    Hikaru's Reactions and Analysis
    3:10 – Hikaru comments on the rarity of ChatGPT's move and shares a story about a previous game in which a different move was played.
    4:15 – Hikaru corrects ChatGPT's comment about the exchange and explains his plan for the next move.
    5:10 – Hikaru expresses his dissatisfaction with the resulting position and comments on the importance of piece placement in chess.
    0:45 – Hikaru acknowledges that many content creators have attempted to play against ChatGPT in the past.
    2:20 – Hikaru mentions that he is not using the bar on the analysis mode, but it is visible for viewers at home.
    3:45 – Hikaru shares a fun fact about a game between xqc and Voicemeeter Banana during the PogChamps tournament.

  4. I think it is possible to continue game by inputing all moves once again

  5. The chatgpt works better if you write longer prompts that is more specific on what you want. I suggest looking up some videos about this

  6. since it's a chatbot, you can tell it to stop explaining and writing the entire scoresheet and just to write their next move.

  7. most likely the dev will stop chatgpt from playing chess like jailbreak DAN on chatgpt

  8. has anyone noticed that at move 19.exd6, Hikaru didn't put the "+" to tell ChatGPT it was a check, but after he responds with 19…cxd6, he updates the move list, saying "19.exd6+ cxd6"? Basically ChatGPT put the "+" for him, which I have never seen before.

  9. is slighty flawed logic part of perfection ?

  10. you could say at the beginning "only reply with your next move and thought process" so that it doesn't relay the entire sequence of moves leading to that point lol. It also would make it not detail why you played the move you did lol.

  11. It should save the conversation and you should be able to continue it later

  12. whoever mad the thumbnail is my new favorite person

  13. That was some of the best chess I’ve ever seen, absolutely brilliant moves. Hikaru played alright as well I guess

  14. You can maybe list him the moves from this game and tell it to continue. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's worth a shot.

  15. ChatGPT: I'm sorry, I can't play chess
    Hikaru: I will play e4

  16. Hikaru, you don't need such a high energy in your intros, haha. It's so unusual and uncanny. But the fact that the video isn't edited is a chad move

  17. An almost ~2M sub channel milking a free service for content and can't scrape together 20 bucks for subscription… gross.

  18. The great hikaru thinks he's levy but i like it

  19. I think you can ask it to just give you the moves before you start the game, instead of explaining the position every time it makes a move

  20. couldn’t hikaru skip generating while waiting for it to write everything

  21. Hikaru thinks he ran out of requests, but really ChatGPT knew it was going to lose and so threw him off the trail.

  22. Hikaru turned from villain into a hero since becoming a streamer.

  23. I think it's peak will be when it can play a game not perfectly, but instead a game that looks like a human game

  24. None of you idiots didn’t see what Hikaru was doing lol

  25. Did they fixed it? I remember a time not too long ago that GPT wasn't even able to remember the entire board

  26. Whenever it’s a video like this with the cringe opening I click off lol. When it’s the normal style it’s much less annoying

  27. I found a way to make it not return any illegal moves and finish a full game I'd love to share!

  28. ChatGPT does not updates itself by the interactions between users, it is updated by the developers only so these trainings are not doing anything other than being content for Hikaru

  29. use two different browsers, once you run out of inputs then copy and paste the move order and continune

  30. Only just found out that Hikaru is a scum bag false dmca guy!!

  31. Ask chatGPT to "show me a representation of the current position." It code out a text representation (actuall visual image) of the way it sees the current position. This is an interesting way to see why it plays weird moves.

  32. I think the message limit you can send in 1 hour is dynamic, I'm pretty sure I've often made many more requests than your ~25 in an hour (it might have been before the last patch though)

  33. Stop talking the whole time with needless filler; it's grating. Why do you feel the need to talk all the time? The game speaks for itself mostly.

  34. Do you want to continue using this feature?
    We suggest you an annual subscription with 25% off for the first time

  35. I think you could tell cgpt to give you only the moves instead of writing whole game

  36. you can just tell chat gpt only to type out the move it wants to play rather then a full transcript

  37. be more specific when asking chat gpt to play tell it act like a chess grand master looking ahead 10 moves to play with deep strategy and only read out your most recent move

  38. "Wanna play chess?""Sorry, I can't""1. e4""Can't say no to that"

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