5 Brilliant Moves. Brutal Checkmate.

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  1. missed a massive oppurtunity by not putting a massive soyface on the front of your book

  2. today's stare was short and penetrating, a captivating warning. 10/10

  3. 7:30 "Bc5 and it is mate" . Evaluation with M7 be like are you kidding me 🙂

  4. Original title
    9999999999999 elo chess
    I love it.

  5. whys the color of the board constantly changing 😭😭

  6. Gotham is really trying his best to infiltrate the algorithm with these titles

    (For those of you who dont know the original title was 999999999999999999999 elo chess)


  8. How can i send my games to you? If you like to include some of my games. It'll be amazing. Learning from your vids everyday. 😊

  9. Since I started watching you I went from 500 elo to 900. Thank you gotham

  10. Wait, signed book only available to people in NY?

  11. Only early birds know he changed the title lmao

  12. Thanks levy for making me better at endgames, you've motivated me to watch Daniel naroditsky and actually Improve

  13. Man i want to buy the book early but by the time school is over all 500 books will be gone.

  14. I clicked on the video "9999999999 elo chess" and smowhere in the middle it changed to "5 Brilliant Moves. Brutal Checkmate." And you reading this may very well be watching different video

  15. this guy is sooooo desperate he can just appear out of a dumpster (his rightful place) and say 'btw preorder the signed copy of the book'

  16. Headshot DEAD! respect the Leon Edwards reference

  17. I like how levy can just make a whole bunch of insane moves and then say but that doesn't happen a lot

  18. About a month ago I had 2 brilliants and then got a bout of chess blindness and blunder the game. 😢😢

  19. Are you going to play against the chess hustlers by Strand too?

  20. I love the random UFC references: "Headshot dead!"

  21. can’t by the book. No shipping to Ukraine for some reason

  22. Wait wasn’t this titled 99999999999 elo a few mins ago?

  23. Yo that queen and knight sac were utter brilliancy

  24. Can someone Tell me where to learn chess Theory?

  25. i clicked on this video when the name was 999999999999999999 ELO games than when i loaded into the video the name was 5 Brilliant Moves. Brutal Checkmate

  26. will never stop confusing my opponents. Will never submit

  27. Is it just me who loves to drop to 100 and premove an entire game?

  28. Gotham, Can you add 1 more elo to it to make it 1 sextillion?

  29. wallahi i just saw the title changed. great vid tho

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